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History in the making

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A timeless icon, John Wayne left a legacy in American culture and society that remains today...Both on land and sea.

 His yacht, the Wild Goose, is currently owned by Hornblower Cruises in Newport Beach, California.

 Wayne purchased the vessel in 1962 and refurbished it as a yacht, as it was once a World War II minesweeper.

 The vessel has recently been nominated for a place on the National Register of Historic Places, an award meant to recognize places with significance and encourage preservation.

 Owners who came after Wayne have renovated it, including adding a room on the main deck and an upper deck. They've also preserved certain spaces on board the vessel, including one guest room.

Those who were onboard the yacht when it belonged to Wayne say the current rendering looks nothing like the vessel they once saw.

In this case of this yacht, I think the newest renovations is unnecessary. It was originally renovated with purpose by a historical figure, and should remain as close to the original vessel as possible.

So I ask others, how much renovation is too much?

Information cited from the Orange County Register