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Hey You! Yeah, YOU!

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The U.S. Coast Guard announced this week that its 2011 National Recreation Boating Survey is underway, and the agency wants the input of boat owners like you. A survey questionnaire is being sent by mail to "select" owners of U.S.-registered recreational powerboats, and the agency's contractor, ICF Macro, is also calling members of the general public, asking them to participate. No details were available on how the agency is selecting participants.

This survey is crucial to deciding how the Coast Guard will allocate resources and establish policies on everything from PFD use to accident-reduction strategies. This is your chance to have a real impact on the future of recreational boating in the United States. All information collected by the Coast Guard will be used solely for the development of statistical summaries. To receive a questionnaire/survey, email or call Phillipe Gwet, the agency's mathematician-statistician at (202) 372-1102.

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