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Hey. Where's the boat?

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Two divers are saying that they came to the surface during a dive trip three miles off Key Biscayne this week and their dive boat was ... gone. They hung on to a fishing buoy for two hours until they were picked up by a passing yacht, No Compromise.

When reached for comment by The Miami Herald the captain of the dive boat they were on simply said, "Everybody is OK, no one is hurt, everyone is happy. That's all."

First off, how about the coconuts on this captain? If no further details pop up about this situation, then it appears this guy was just running around leaving people bobbing in the middle of the ocean like it ain't no big thing. Then when reached for comment he's basically like "Nothing to see here, folks. Everyone is happy." Yes, the people who were left alone in shark-infested waters are happy. They're happy they didn't get eaten or drowned. They're not happy they entrusted you with their lives and you forgot about them. Big difference.

My other thought is, three miles out guys? Three of 'em? And you had fins on? I think I would have swam in and went and found Captain Forget-Me-Not myself. Shown him exactly how happy I was.

P.S. You guys know what blog muscles are? They're like beer muscles except they show up when you're sitting in an office in NYC blogging about how you would have swam three miles to land and found some ship captain and beaten him senseless. In real life I probably would have clung to that fishing buoy with the strength of a thousand suns and waited for help, just like these two dudes did.