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The USCG Foundation fundraises to support Coast Guard members who are assisting the nation during the pandemic.

As the U.S. Navy deployed two hospital ships, the USNS Comfort and Mercy, to provide assistance in hard-hit areas of New York and Los Angeles, the Coast Guard ran support vessels alongside and choppers above to address any possible threats.

The Coast Guard provides a long list of duties that go far and beyond responding to vessels in need. When the country is facing a crisis, the USCG responds. The Coast Guard Foundation, a nonprofit organization, works to assist Coast Guard members and their families.

uscg overflight

The Foundation has disbursed more than $200,000 to support USCG men and women during the COVID-19 pandemic and continues to fundraise. The Foundation is also providing goods for USCG members in quarantine, mental health assistance, tragedy assistance and more.

“Coast Guard members and their families have faced many challenges in the last few years–from hurricanes and wildfires, to last year’s government shutdown,” said Susan Ludwig, president of the Coast Guard Foundation. “Through all of these challenges the Service always has and always will serve our Nation with honor, respect and devotion to duty. While this pandemic is constantly evolving, we are committed to providing critical care and support where and when it is needed the most.”