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Like Geese in Winter

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Megayachts are like migratory birds. For the summer, they head north to Cape Cod, Maine, and other northern destinations. And then as winter creeps in, the yachts begin to head south.

This year, some late-departing geese—I mean, yachts ended up roosting—sorry! docking at Chelsea Piers in Manhattan. So this morning, I headed downtown.

There was Nobiskrug's nearly 195-foot Jamaica Bay, No. 40 on our November list. Check out her rounded stern:


There was (the smallest of the bunch) Trinity's 150-foot Utopia III


Luerssen's 196-foot Lime Light (the former Linda Lou), No. 39:


And hiding behind the driving range, Feadship's 200-foot Majestic (the former Secret), No. 26 on our list:


Now, the question is, with how close Majestic and Lime Light are docked, were the owners friends before or will they be after?