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Futuristic Feadship

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Feadship is no stranger to building innovative yachts; their very first build debuted at the 1951 New York Boat Show sporting a steel hull, something that was seldom seen on American yachts during this time. Since then, they’ve met the most stringent of demands from a Who’s Who list of owners, including Henry Ford, Paul Allen, Larry Ellison, and Mark Cuban. So it should be no surprise that the (self-proclaimed) world’s first hybrid-powered super yacht has emerged from the shed of the company’s De Vries shipyard.

Feadship - Savannah

Stretching a full 274 feet, the hybrid yacht Savannah is powered via a single diesel engine, three diesel-powered Caterpillar generators, a fleet of lithium-ion batteries providing an, ahem, shockingly powerful one million watts to an azimuthing thruster located directly aft of the primary propeller. “It is not the individual technologies used on Savannah that are new in the yachting world—it is the way they have been combined,” says Savannah’s project manager Ted McCumber. “Feadship has leveraged all the options available in the marine industry today to bring this hugely innovative system to completion.”

Feadship - Savannah

Also innovative is the main deck, which is a single-level indoor/outdoor space with weather-tight sliding doors. “The owner of Savannah loves to be at one with the water,” explains McCumber. “This design allows him to run from the main saloon and dive straight into the sea.” Should guests ever get tired of running through the yacht into the ocean (highly unlikely) they can enjoy an underwater lounge complete with a pool, and a window that provides views of the underwater world.

Feadship - Savannah

See a video of Savannah’s launch here