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Favorite Part of the Job

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Since I've started here at PMY, there's been an interesting little shift in the forwarded emails I receive and conversations I have with friends and family.

It's slowly starting to shift to all about boats.

There are the spottings, when friends, family, and coworkers send me pictures of boats either to share or to identify it and demand more information.

For example, I received this picture with the simple request to identify it:


Which I was able to assist in identifying as Musashi.

And my father, located in Savannah, Georgia, keeps me updated to the yachts passing through or at Thunderbolt Marine, such as Huntress in November.


Then there are the more random pop culture references to yachts. Such as a yachting regatta reference on an episode of 30 Rock:


And, honestly, I find it all delightful. (Particularly the pop culture references because who doesn't love a good yachting pop culture reference?)

So, please, share your yacht encounters. Pictures? Pop culture references? What do ya got?