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Father Knows Best

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My father is a boating man. He owns a 26-foot Sea Ray Sundancer that he keeps in Savannah, Georgia.

Being where he is on the ICW and across the way from Thunderbolt Marine, I often get emails with photos (like this one of Muse in Harbour Town off Hilton Head) attached and a message of the name and location of the photo and a "What do you know about it?" 

Now, I've been elbow deep in megayachts for about a year now, which is to say that I've learned a lot but nearly enough to recite back builders, lengths and interesting tidbits at the drop of a hat (or the click of an e-mail). So answers sometimes require researching with web searches and by emailing PR reps.

Another time, he sent me this photo of Blue Moon at Thunderbolt. In the time between when he took his boat out and returned, the name had been removed. Had it been sold?


It hadn't, I found out after emailing the yacht's charter management company, Northrop & Johnson

It's a good system that my father and I have developed. It keeps me on my toes

So, what boats have you seen lately?