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Fairline's Fine Future

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Well, it may not be as exciting as the announcement of a new boat model or some magazine award, but you can bet that today's news out of the U.K. builder Fairline Boats has everyone at the Oundle headquarters walking on air. Fairline Boats Limited has been sold to a group of investors. The machinations involved defy simple explanation, but the upshot is that Fairline will get a cash infusion of around $6.2 million and be on a firm financial footing with the necessary capital to expand both its product range and dealer network. Specifically, expect design work and initial production of the Squadron 80 to immediately proceed apace, with a probable launch date of early 2013. A number of totally new models will likely follow that. Second, look for Fairline to reinvigorate and expand its U.S. dealer network.

In short, the British are coming, and we U.S. boaters will be better off for it.