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Why an Explorer yacht? Why not?

Numarine 40XP

I’ve been mulling some thoughts about Omer Malaz, CEO of Turkish boatbuilder Numarine ever since I read the Power & Motoryacht test of the Numarine 70 HT written by editor-in-chief George Sass Jr. In the test, Malaz comes across as one of those preternatural whiz kids who understands that boats need to fulfill a dream—at least on some level—and has the design, engineering, and financial chops to back it up. He’s inspired from his on-the-water experiences going back to when he was just six years old.

The inspiration didn’t end there. Not for me anyway.

Numarine 30XP

The man builds boats that he himself wants to use and you can see that in the lines, and in the discussion of how they came to be, and in what goes into them.

Now keeping that in mind, I expect there are very few among us who has ever taken the helm of a boat after a particularly challenging week of work or obligations and not had the thought, Wouldn’t it be nice to set a new course and just keep on going? Get away on the boat for a while, live life on its own terms. Explore places we haven’t been before.

Malaz clearly has, too. Only he has now done something about it and Numarine has introduced the designs for a line of explorer yachts, starting with the 40XP (shown at top).

The boat will be a shade longer than 130 feet and carries nearly 12,000 gallons of fuel and nearly 2,000 gallons of potable water. It’s got the shippy profile of an explorer, with four staterooms (two VIP) and three crew cabins, but Numarine is approaching the project with the same ability for custom modifications as its performance series. Other models include the 30XP and 20XP.

Numarine 20XP

Malaz seems to get that your dreams and his may overlap, but may not be exactly the same. I cannot wait to see these boats, in far-flung places to which I hope to find my own way.

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