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More Than a Magazine

An introduction to the Power and Motoryacht Podcast, where you’ll find deep dives, interviews and much more.
Dan Harding, Editor-in-Chief

Dan Harding, Editor-in-Chief

I’m biased, but I love a good magazine. I love when it arrives in the mail beside a sea of local coupons. I love bringing them to the boat on weekends—or weekdays, when my boss is away. I like how the physical product is easier on your eyes after a week of staring at screens. My favorite spot on my favorite cove doesn’t have cell service or access to wifi—perhaps that’s why it’s my favorite. It’s the perfect place to unplug and let a good story transport you.

While the magazine is the mainstay of our business—and the thing we’re perhaps most passionate about—in today’s digital world and media climate, having just a print title would be akin to a boatbuilder making only one model.

For years, we’ve been working to cement Power & Motoryacht as a pioneer in marine video; we now produce upwards of 100 videos a year (pandemics not withstanding). Our video program, which can be found at or by searching for us on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram, aims to do two things: educate and entertain.

It wasn’t long ago that boat reviews in magazines such as this one consisted mostly of a writer walking through a new model and detailing the layout in elaborate prose. “The C-shaped settee is abaft the en suite VIP,” was an all too common (and often cringeworthy) refrain. Today, our videos afford boaters the ability to see the layouts of boats for themselves, while learning about the engineering or design elements that are not always clear to the naked eye.

These videos, like our stories, are authoritative and objective. If we see something wrong or dangerous, you have my word, we’ll call it out.

What we’ve found while producing these videos is that we separate ourselves from our competitors in two ways. One, the content our editors create is never paid for and can therefore be trusted, and two, we have a team of personalities who genuinely enjoy what they do and each other. Our videos often feature two or more editors discussing trends, features and generally busting each other’s chops.

During the pandemic, we found ourselves strapping microphones to our desks and talking to each other multiple times a day. Sometimes our meetings and conversations were short and focused, but more often than not—because of a rare, genuine friendship we have with one another—they devolved into discussions on everything from zincs and fuel filter elements to our dream boats and what this pastime has brought to our lives.

Converting these conversations into the Power and Motoryacht Podcast was a near-seamless transition that allowed us to grow our audience and attract new boaters to the brand. It also allows us to give you unprecedented access to the stories behind our stories. Want to really know how Simon felt leading up to his day on the water with Joe Namath, or what it was like to ride along in a Department of Homeland Security Black Hawk with Charlie, or hear more about Al Grover’s unbelievable ocean crossing, or get Capt. Bill’s unvarnished opinion on, well, everything? Then I invite you to listen to our podcast at, or anywhere else podcasts are available.

One of the greatest compliments I’ve been given since becoming editor of this venerable brand is when a boater tells me that they feel like they know me from my column. Just the other day I was on a pontoon launch with Karen and Connor heading over to Essex Island Marina. I was taking a work call when the launch operator asked Karen if I was Dan Harding “from the magazine.” My head swelled to triple its normal size. He said he recognized me and Connor and knew about our new Bertram. I jumped off my call, and the conversation quickly shifted to—as is often the case—Capt. Bill. “I have the same boat as Bill, the Cape Dory 28. We’ve emailed a few times; I’ve had that boat a long time and I know about any issue that may come up. How’s he doing?”

I always enjoy meeting readers on the dock like that. For better or worse, I think our podcast and videos will allow you to get to know us even better than before. Whether that’s a good thing or not I’ll leave up to you, but I think you’re really going to like this team even more the better you get to know them. I sure do.

This article originally appeared in the October 2021 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine.