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Dolphin Delight (w/Cool Video)

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Musta been last year, although DANG! it doesn't seem that long ago. I was helping deliver a Kadey Krogen 48 AE up the eastern coast of the United States, from Stuart, Florida, to Annapolis, Maryland. There were many adventures on this particular extravaganza, not least of them being a rousing big blue marlin hookup followed by a first-time-ever (as far as I know), adrenaline-rushy, undeniably trawlerish backdown that seemed worthy of any number of twin-engine guts-and-glory battlewagons, at least at the time.


I mean, how many trawlers have YOU seen backing down on a giant, leaping blue marlin? With hydraulic thrusters, fore and aft, facilitating the whole business?

Anyway. Somewhere along the trail—hmmmmm, might have been a good ways offshore as I remember—somebody yelled from the foredeck, "Hey, dolphin! Lookit this!"

Having seen plenty of dolphin riding the bow waves of plenty of vessels over my many years I was somewhat underwhelmed by this invitation. But, on the other hand, there was a certain urgency to it. At least enough to convince me to put the boat on autopilot and, with my trusty Flip video camera in hand, go out to take a personal gander.

Give the result a look and see what you think.

And if you wanna know a tad more about the trip, check out the test report on the boat. She's a beaut, as my dad used to say.

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