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What do you think of when you think of the Pacific Northwest? For me, this place that I’ve been reading about for the past decade has been synonymous with one thing: Adventure.

So far, a cruise through this land aboard the new Ranger Tugs 41 has delivered just that. Cruising at 20 knots under a bluebird sky with snow-capped mountains in the distance and cold air in our lungs has begun to reinvigorate the souls of our crew.

The 41 is a solid and steady performer. Powered by twin 300-hp IPS D4 400s, she hops onto plane quickly and cuts through the islands with surefooted confidence and joystick docking has been a tremendous help in allowing us to maneuver during various photo shoots.

We’ve been cruising with six full-sized adults aboard and I’m relieved to say the boat has yet to feel crowded. When we wanted to, we’ve been able to socialize comfortably together in the salon. Last night we enjoyed the time-honored seafaring tradition of sharing stories—and a libation or two—well into the night. And when we wanted to break away from the crowd and steal a few moments to ourselves to properly soak in the natural beauty, there was more than enough space for that as well.

As I write this, the 41 and our Cutwater 24 chase boat is blasting past secluded islands with mountains peaking off in the distance. Our next destination is Friday Harbor, a place, again, that I’ve read about for years and dreamed of exploring. I hope you’ll stay tuned for more from this one-of-a-kind boat test here, on facebook ( and on instagram (@PowerandMotoryacht). And most importantly, I hope our coverage inspires you to see this place for yourself; even the best photos can’t do this part of the world justice. 

VIDEO: Cruising the San Juans aboard a Ranger 41

Video produced by John V. Turner

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