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What's the Brokerage Market for Cheoy Lee Motoryachts?

We spoke to a couple of brokers who had Cheoy Lee motoryachts listed online. Here’s what they had to say about their boats and the response in the market to them.

1990 Cheoy Lee 66 LRC

Chris Lombardi, Lombardi Yacht Sales, 843-446-0552

You know how a boat will have a personality? This particular boat has a wonderful ambience to it. She has two master staterooms that are full beam. She has a canoe-style stern—the rounded back. As far as my boat is concerned, the owner has painted the boat, he’s redone just about everything: the engine room, the chiller for the air conditioners, a lot of the wiring, a lot of the batteries. He’s gotten away from single 8Ds, replacing each with a group of series-31 batteries in parallel that provides the same amperage starting but are much, much lighter and a lot more functional to take in and out.

It’s a highly overbuilt boat—the epitome of a long-range cruiser. There’s a tremendous amount of fuel capacity on her, and a tremendous amount of fuel and water. And it’s a very comfortable layout. The one that I have listed has been customized in the sense that the galley and the cabinetry that’s in there and the counters are all custom. This is a highly overbuilt, extremely stout boat. She’s got a lot of ass to her. I say that all the time, living down south. This is not a girly boat. Some boats are real light weight and they are what they are. We’re talking about long-range, slow speeds, and extremely overbuilt, huge, thick, fiberglass hull, a very solid boat. The owner, up on the bridge, he took up the flooring for the bridge, he cut all that stuff out, and then reinforced that whole top, and reglassed it, and it’s like a tank up there now. You could have a hundred people up there now and there’d be no flex whatsoever.

If you search for a long-range cruiser, there’s some Hatterases out there, some boats from other manufacturers that are out there, not all of them have that rounded stern, which is really unusual, and absolutely gorgeous.

Tom Waugh, Orange Coast Yachts; 206-730-1538

These boats really hold up well. The current owners have lived on this boat for nine years and the previous folks had it for four or five years. He brought it up from San Diego and he couldn’t say enough about her performance on the ocean. I had a couple of calls on some older boats and I saw a number of them from here to Hawaii. We call them coastal cruisers—you’re going from Alaska down to Mexico for instance—and I think these boats were made for that. Wonderful hulls as far as being out in a sea and cruising. They’ve been around for a long time.

I’ve been over to Hong Kong, I know the Cheoy Lee yard over there. They do a lot of commercial vessels and the pleasure boats are a very small percentage of their business. They build a hull that lasts years and years. Good integrity, as far as the hull is concerned, they’ve never had a problem with it. The gallons per hour are great. It has Caterpillar engines and if you’ve worked in that engine room you know it has full standup headroom. The owner just put in a new Northern Lights generator and a new Olympia heater for the Northwest. The engines have 4,000 hours and they’re still running strong.

There is no davit on the boat. It had the boom up off the stack up on the boat deck and the previous owners used to bring a kayak or a small inflatable and they always towed their tender. A lot of people here tow their tenders. 

This boat is not age-specific, there’s a lot of nostalgia about the boat. It feels like a boat, it looks like a boat. It’s sturdy and salty-looking. It’s so different from a lot of the new boats today. I think obviously we see more and more express cruisers. People are in a hurry to go someplace—the whole thing about the destination and the journey, it’s more about the destination with a lot of people.

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