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At the time of this writing, editors from the entire Active Interest Media Marine Group (Power & Motoryacht, Sail, PassageMaker, Yachts International, Anglers Journal, Soundings, and Trade Only) have just returned from the hurricane-ravaged British Virgin Islands. Cruising the islands aboard a Moorings 433PC and a Marine Max Aquila 484, we had the chance to experience extremes. On one hand there was extreme damage and devastation: homes and hotels sometimes without power, roofs, and windows. The other extreme was the people who call the islands home. Their resiliency. Their ability to endure great hardships and find a reason to smile as they rebuild was an inspiration to us all.

The best part of our trip, was seeing how much was already reopened for business. Iconic bars like Foxxy’s, The Soggy Dollar, Pirates Blight, and many others welcomed us like old friends. Major marinas like The Moorings base in Road Town, which is down the road from a fully stocked super market and is launching more and more charters by the day, have also opened their doors to serious boaters.

To see our live reporting from the field please head over to and stay tuned for our full report on the state of the Caribbean in the upcoming issue.