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Broward County Sea Tow Offers Automated Radio Checks

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How many times have you heard the VHF airwaves flooded with boaters looking for a radio check? Well, Sea Tow of Fort Lauderdale believes it has the solution to clear the VHF airwaves for south Florida boaters that will enable them to check their own radios. It's an automated marine radio-check system offered on VHF marine channel 27.

According to Sea Tow, "Many boaters continually request radio checks on VHF channel 16 , which is the hailing and distress frequency, monitored by the Coast Guard and Sea Tow, 24/7.Radio checks on channel 16 are a safety issue and a violation of the Communications Act.Often, distress calls to the Coast Guard are interrupted by boaters requesting radio checks. Imagine a boater who is having a medical emergency or sinking, then tries to use his radio to call for help but can’t get through due to boaters doing radio checks on channel 16."

Sea Tow of Fort Lauderdale, working with MariTel, are prividing the Broward County area with this service. To check your vessel's radio, simply put your "VHF to channel 27, key the microphone and ask for a radio check. The system will record your radio check and then replay your transmission back to you, allowing you to hear how well your radio is working."

For more information on the radio check service, contact Donna Martinson with Sea Tow Fort Lauderdale at (954) 525-0037 or via email at