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Boater Safety

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My holidays, like many people's holidays, involved a trip home to Wisconsin. One afternoon, I was sent to the basement to sort through boxes that contained the abandoned remnants of my childhood. In a box of books, I found my old boaters' safety cards and study guides.


I had taken the courses shortly after my 12th birthday with my dad. If I was going to be out on the water, he wanted to be sure I knew what to do in any situation. (Though neither of us expected that those classes would eventually lead me to this job.)

I still remember some parts of those classes in a windowless basement including the class we spent tying knots or when a representative of the Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources came in for a different perspective or the stress of wondering if I'd pass the written exam. Though my dad had taken the class multiple times prior, he still knew it was important to refresh his knowledge.

When was the last time you took a boater's safety course? Would you go with your kids?