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Boat of all Trades

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Solo Skiff

“We got caught off guard,” says Tom Mitzlaff, referring to the video of his Solo Skiff ($1,850)—a cross between a skiff, fishing kayak, and a SUP—that had over six million views after he posted  it to Facebook. “Nobody makes a video thinking it’s going to go viral.”

But viral it went. And now demand for the Solo Skiff has skyrocketed. Mitzlaff, a Jacksonville, Florida resident, says he was inspired to create a “swamp-proof boat,” one he could launch out of his truck and bring anywhere. When we shared it on our Facebook page, comments ranged from incredulity (“Okay I have officially seen it all”) to excitement (“Very cool!”) to what best describes our feeling as well: longing (“I want one”). It’s available in three colors and with plenty of stowage.

Solo Skiff outboard engine