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Another Day Another Dollar for the USCG

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Coast Guard Boat

(from ATLANTIC CITY - Six men whose fishing boat, the Black Magic, had been lost at sea for nearly 48 hours were returned to the arms of their loved ones late Tuesday afternoon after the Coast Guard found them drifting about 120 miles off the New Jersey coast just before sunset Monday.

Nearly two dozen wives, daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, and friends of the six waited at the Coast Guard station near the Frank S. Farley State Marina to greet the men as a cutter towed the disabled vessel to a dock. The group cheered, waved anxiously, and called to the men as they left the Black Magic to take a short ride on yet another Coast Guard vessel before they could safely disembark. The family members and friends, who said they had spent difficult hours fearing they would never see the men again, finally had the chance to greet each survivor with a very long hug.

Great story out of Jersey here.  I admit, when I first heard a bunch of people were missing 120 miles off the New Jersey coast, I was hoping it was the cast of Jersey Shore getting hammered and punching each other's faces in on their last booze cruise ever.  I was also hoping their boat would sink, and they'd all be swallowed whole by a passing Humpback Whale, which would then be harpooned by a Japanese whaling ship and hauled back to Tokyo.  Where they'd all stay.  Forever.  

That didn't happen though.  What did happen is the USCG went out into the Atlantic, kicked butt, took names, and saved six lives—which is just as good.  When reached for comment the leader of the Coast Guard rescue effort had this to say, "Just saving lives and being heros over here you guys, not a big deal.  Yawn, back to bed."*

* Not an actual quote, but that's what I'd probably say if I was that guy.