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Am I on an FBI Watch List Right Now?

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I wish I had a picture to go with this blog.  I really do, because the boat I wanted to blog about was awesome.  I found it one day by poking around on Google looking for the world's fastest boat.  This boat wasn't it, but it still could fly—upwards of 80 mph if I recall.  It was about 60 feet in length, with a tri-hull design, and some kind of futuristic, all black, matte paint job that covered a crazily angled superstructure.  It looked like a Stealth Bomber transformed into a boat, or else maybe the Bat Boat on steroids.  In the Youtube video I saw of it the SEALS were using it out in Coronado, testing her out, doing maneuvers.  And there were pictures all over the web of it.  This was about a month or two ago.

But then today when I looked it up and tried to blog it for you—poof. Vanished.  Not a trace of this B-2-super-duper Bat Boat anywhere on the interwebs.  Just gone.  I'm guessing some IT guy at the DoD has a little extra hop in his step this morning, because he managed to wipe all evidence of this thing out of existence—which admittedly is pretty impressive. But me? I'm bummed.  I wanted to share.

Also, I'm fully expecting to be spirited away in the middle of the night by a bunch of dudes wearing identical gray suits and ear pieces now, but that is neither here nor there.