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Always Azimut

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For one five-time Azimut owner, there’s never been any other way

Azimut 50

Les Lerner, 59, is the Rear Commodore of the Huntington Yacht Club in Long Island. He is waiting on the arrival of his new Azimut 50, his 5th Azimut, and the first one sold in America. He recently sat down to tell me about himself, his boat, and why Azimut will always be number one in his heart.

Kevin Koenig: You seem to be a diehard Azimut fan, why do you like them so much?

Lerner: Well they’ve been relatively problem free and I love their design. When I do have a problem, which isn’t often, they are very, very quick to respond with service. And putting the boats aside, Azimut has a program that creates a social life among Azimut owners. We do rendezvous and have gone on ski trips to Europe and I have a group of friends who are all Azimut owners, from all over the eastern seaboard. But those that I’ve become good friends with all live within 50 miles of where I live. In June we are going to Portofino to see the introduction of their new models. I’m very satisfied with all of it.

KK: What was your last boat?

LL: I’ve had boats up and down the range, first a 68, then a 75, then a 62, then a 47. The 47 was a bit too small for me. This new 50 I ordered after seeing drawings at the 2013 Miami boat show. To me the designs keep getting better and better.
This boat will be a flybridge boat, I’ve always liked bridges. The extra space helps with the layout and I like being high up in the air and seeing what’s all around me. I captain all my boats, even the 75.

KK: That’s kind of rare. At that size you start to see hired captains.

LL: Well my favorite thing about boating is running the boat. If you don’t run your own boat, to me you aren’t really boating. And as an aside I found they got easier to drive the bigger they got, I think because of the weight. They’re less reactive to wind and tides.

KK: What are your plans for the new boat?

LL: This summer I’ll go to my usual places. Montauk, Newport, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, I may even go up to Maine. I’ve never done that before, but I’m hoping to. I’m just a completely satisfied customer of Azimut. And I can’t wait for this delivery to come.

Les and Faith Lerner