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prm-Pershing 7X

New Boat: Pershing 7X

The newest Pershing is 4 tons lighter and combines high performance with production boatbuilding, Italian style.


Tested: Lexus LY 650

We team up with an automotive expert to find out what’s under the hood of the one-of-a-kind Lexus crossover.

prm2-Belize 66 Daybridge

New Boat: Belize 66 Day Bridge

With the striking lines of her sistership and more living space than before, the newcomer from Belize practically begs the author to free her from a boat show and head for Bahamian water.

Cruising & Destinations


Arctic Calling

The intrepid Larry Graf yearns for adventure. He finds it aboard a prototype in the Arctic.



prm_MANGUSTA-49-987.jpg promo image

Diesel Engine Myths

When it comes to your boat’s engines don’t believe everything you hear. In the interest of keeping our readers informed, we debunk the five particularly egregious engine misconceptions making their way through the boating community.


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