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prm2_Ferretti 720

Tested: Ferretti 720

Ferretti’s latest offering combines innovation and sophisticated styling in a true-to-form hull design capable of 30-plus knots.

prm_Outer Reef 640 Azure

Outer Reef 640 Azure

With the 640 Azure, Outer Reef starts with a born-to-cruise hull and incorporates design cues from the alfresco lifestyle of the Mediterranean Coast.

prm_Outback 50

Outback in the Bahamas

A fictional journey to paradise and back aboard the Outback 50 provides the author with a fleeting feeling of escape.

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Alone Together

Completing the Great Loop provided the Stein family with the skills needed to ride out the pandemic on their 57-foot Carver. But it's not always sunshine and rainbows.

prm_Antarctica_legend_©JustinHofman©____20171227_025533_[5464x3640]_4.7 MB

Off the Grid

Looking for a one-of-a-kind adventure that includes hiking a waterfall in the rain forest or mingling with penguins in Antarctica? These charter companies can make it happen.


Family Ties

These families have found that bringing the kids on board, even as toddlers, makes for exceptional family experiences.


Best of Both Worlds

When imagining the live-aboard lifestyle, the Windy City isn't typically evoked. But that's where a romance blossomed.




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