SAFE Boats Interceptor 41

Go for a 45-knot boat chase with the Department of Homeland Security.

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Where it all began—Thriller getting some air.

Brace for Impact: A Profile of Jaguar Powerboats

A former MMA fighter and SWAT officer, John Clarke is building on a legacy started by his father, one high-performance cat at a time.

prm_Jeanneau Leader 10.5

Tested: Jeanneau Leader 10.5 Series 2

A refreshed version of the popular Leader 10.5 proves that midlife doesn’t need to be a crisis.


New Boat: Maritimo S55

Maritimo's S55 is much more than meets the eye. The latest addition to the Australian builder’s growing range is more than just an M55 without a flybridge.

prm_Conor McGregor’s Lamborghini 63

Tecnomar’s Lamborghini 63

Conor McGregor’s new boat is a knockout. PSA: Broken bones don’t heal well at sea.

prm_Riviera 645 SUV

Tested: Riviera 645 SUV

The largest in the SUV model line, the 645 hits the mark on accommodations and performance.

prm_E-Motion 180E Electric Outboard

E-Motion 180E Electric Outboard

Meet the World’s Most Powerful Electric Outboard. Vision Marine Technologies hopes to revolutionize recreational boating with the new E-Motion 180E.

prm-Release 55 Walkaround Flybridge Profile

Drawing Board: Release Boatworks 55 Walkaround Flybridge

Release is building its largest walkaround yet.


New Boat: Blackfin 302CC

The Blackfin 302CC blends cruising comfort and fishing chops.

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The Wandering Knapps

Tired of the rat race, this family bought a trawler and set off to see the world—all while recording everything for a growing following on YouTube.

prm_Baja or Bust

Baja or Bust

Seeking out high-seas adventure on the crystal clear Sea of Cortés, where conservationist initiatives have preserved a bounty of marine life.


Waypoint: Santa Cruz, California

Situated on the shores of Monterey Bay, this funky town features the best of what Cali has to offer.


Waypoint: Santa Barbara, CA

As a port of call or home port, Santa Barbara’s harbor is a welcome haven.


Back in the BVI

As Covid restrictions slowly lift, a lifelong boater finds welcoming faces in familiar places.


Waypoint: San Diego

The city’s prime waterfront property is open to boaters.


Waypoint: New York City

The Big Apple is down but not out. Here’s why you should return by boat this year.


Consider the Lobsterman

Senior Editor Simon Murray ships out at the crack of dawn with a small contingent of Maine lobster fishermen.




Top 10 Boating DIY Tips

Keep these practical nuggets in your mental toolbox for when the do-it-yourself spirit takes hold


What to do When Your Boat Takes on Water

The axiom about an ounce of prevention is especially apropos when it comes to taking on water.

prm-transom recore[1]

How to Prevent Water from Seeping into Your Boat’s Core

Nothing good happens when water seeps into cored laminate. Nip this intrusion in the bud or pay the piper later.


How to Prevent Your Boat from Sinking at the Dock

Think your boat is safe at the dock? Think again. More boats sink at the marina than anywhere else. Follow these tips to keep your boat afloat.


How to Survey Outboards

Before you put money down on a used boat or engine, make sure to call an engine surveyor—here’s why.


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