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prrm_Grand Banks 54

Tested: Grand Banks 54

From one of the first companies to design a trawler, the Grand Banks 54 ushers cruising yachts into the modern age.

prm_HCB 53 Sueños

Two Custom HCB 53 Sueños

The newest pair of HCB 53s reinforce the company’s reputation for building uncompromisingly custom boats.

prm_Futura-a 216-foot concept yacht

Green Energy on Vripack's Concept Superyacht

Futura, a 216-foot concept yacht, is designed to use an electricity-generating kite to produce power.

prm-Scout 215 XSF

Scout 215 XSF

Scout's 215 XSF won't break the bank but don't go calling this model "entry level."

prm-Azimut S6_Sport Fly_Rendering

New Boat: Azimut S6 Sportfly

The sexy and sleek Azimut S6 just got even sportier. With show-stopping lines and a design that stopped the Times Square crowd in their tracks, the new Sportfly version of the S6 is making some serious waves.


Drawing Board: Vanquish VQ80

With a reverse bow and surface-drive propulsion, the Vanquish VQ80 expects to break the 50-knot barrier and offers some fishing features to boot.


Raider Outboards: The Engines that Power the Military

Raider Outboards are built to survive a jump out of an airplane and a swim in salt water.


Testing the Tiara 43 LE

A fall test of the Tiara 43 LE reveals a boat that is loaded with smart cruising features and is exceptionally fun to drive.

Cruising & Destinations

prm-Fethiye Butterfly Valley

Top 10 European Boating Destinations

While the world was placed on pause, our wanderlust grew. Feed yours with our favorite European boating destinations.


Waypoint: Belfast, Maine

Set Downeast as a waypoint and drop your anchor in Belfast for a rewarding summer to remember.


Three cruising destinations, one day. Is it possible?

To fit a summer’s worth of cruising into a single day, you need a fast and comfortable boat. The Protector 330 Targa is just that.


Alone Together

Completing the Great Loop provided the Stein family with the skills needed to ride out the pandemic on their 57-foot Carver. But it's not always sunshine and rainbows.

prm_Antarctica_legend_©JustinHofman©____20171227_025533_[5464x3640]_4.7 MB

Off the Grid

Looking for a one-of-a-kind adventure that includes hiking a waterfall in the rain forest or mingling with penguins in Antarctica? These charter companies can make it happen.

prm_Downtown St Pete

Waypoint: St. Petersburg, Florida

Sun, water, youthful energy and artistic creativity make St. Petersburg a must-experience cruising destination.


Family Ties

These families have found that bringing the kids on board, even as toddlers, makes for exceptional family experiences.


Waypoint: Fort Pierce, Florida

A dredged inlet in 1921 allowed a vibrant community to blossom on the East Coast.




How to Maintain Your Boat’s Nonskid Deck

With the passage of time, nonskid decks are the first thing to go. Turn back the clock with these helpful tips.


How to Maintain Your Boat's Stabilizers

Inside tricks from the pros on maintaining your boat's stabilizer system.

prm-Dometic Power Steering

Power Steering for All

Dometic’s latest product turns mechanical steering into power steering.


How to Choose the Right Boatyard

The yard can make or break your yacht-owning experience, so choose wisely. Here’s some advice to avoid heartbreak.


Keep the Pressure On

Hydraulic systems are extra-reliable but they need regular maintenance to stay that way.


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