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prm_Midnight Express 60

Raising the Stakes

Simon Murray goes all-in on a poker run aboard the Midnight Express 60 — the builder’s biggest, baddest boat to date.


Outboard of Tomorrow

Diesel outboards continue to improve as do electrical engines. How long before they give traditional gas-powered motors a run for their money?


Lamborghini’s 63-Foot Speedster

Lamborghini and The Italian Sea Group have unveiled the Lamborghini 63, a collaboration with the exotic automaker that will be available as a limited-edition homage to the automaker’s 1963 founding.


Testing the new Hunt 63

A post-quarantine sea trial of the Hunt 63 reminds the author that the only way to create something beautiful is by embracing collaboration.

Cruising & Destinations


Family Ties

These families have found that bringing the kids on board, even as toddlers, makes for exceptional family experiences.


Best of Both Worlds

When imagining the live-aboard lifestyle, the Windy City isn't typically evoked. But that's where a romance blossomed.




An Amazing Development

Word around the docks these days is that, still, there’s no way to easily bond King Starboard—a poly product popular with today’s boat builders and restorers—either to itself or to other surfaces, whether wood, metal, fiberglass, or whatever.


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