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VIDEO: Testing the Brabus 800 Shadow

The Brabus 800 features the performance and handling the Axopar brand is built of, with a custom styling from Brabus. The result? A test Capt. Bill will never forget.


Cannes Yacht Festival 2018

Editor-in-Chief Dan Harding and Deputy Editor Capt. Bill Pike reflect on the 2018 Cannes show, the technology of the future and a love for chocolate croissants.


VIDEO: Princess R35 Debut

The editors find new yacht technology in the strangest places. You'll want to check out the foiling Princess R35, which debuted inside an ancient castle.


First Look: Pursuit S288

The newcomer to the Pursuit family may be smaller than her siblings but her level of finish and smart details make her mighty.


Silent Flight

Solar-powered yachts like the Silent 64 from Silent Yachts are finally having their time in the sun.



Waypoint: Boston, MA

Boston might be America’s biggest small town, but with so many harborside attractions, it has plenty for boaters.


Wild, Wild Ride

Maine’s lobster boat racing circuit is an intense excuse for lobster fishermen to throttle up and forget the grueling workweek. Just don’t forget to hold on.


Eastbound & Down

A 300-mile zoom from Galveston to the Big Easy is just one crazy leg of the Aspen 10,000 Mile Tour.

Nordhavn 76

The Hard Way Around

Four twentysomethings set a record for the southernmost latitude ever documented in a Nordhavn. But a visit to Antartica was only part of their two-year circumnavigation.




How To: Install a Pod drive

Have you ever seen a pod installed on a yacht in under 5 minutes? Here's your chance. Discover how the team at Sabre Yachts installs their pods. (Hint: It involves muscle and a long chain!)