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Mike Smith

How to Take Care of Your Bow Thruster

By | Posted September 2013 | Add a Comment

Your bow thruster is like a really handy stowaway—it sits quietly tucked belowdecks for most of the voyage, only to show up during close-quarters maneuvering to simplify the process and maybe even save the day. How do you make sure it’s there when you need it? Check out our handy tips here.

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Secrets to a Clean Boat

By | Posted August 2013 | Add a Comment

We all know there’s nothing like a professional shine on a boat, but do you know why the detailer’s methods work so well? There are methods to cleaning each type of surface, and it can make a big difference. Learn more about the techniques the pros use here.

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Here Comes the Sun

By | Posted December 2008 | Add a Comment

If you're reading this magazine, chances are you're not a tree-hugger: You burn lots of fossil fuel to push your boat at high speed through a relatively unyielding...

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Show Me the Paper!

By | Posted September 2008 | Add a Comment

Next time you take your yacht to the yard, look for proof the crew knows what it's doing. When you sign a work order with a yard, how can you be sure the person who'll do the job has the skills? The proof is in the paper: Demand to see certification from a recognized marine-industry...

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You or the Yard?

By | Posted September 2008 | Add a Comment

When I was a kid, most boat owners I knew handled fitting-out and laying-up jobs themselves. Caulking and painting bottoms (boats were built of wood back then), winterizing engines and tuning them up in the spring, laying on a glassy coat of topsides paint—all were do-it-yourself jobs. Owners who hired yards to do such tasks were either deficient in manliness or too wealthy for their own

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Put a Lid on It

By | Posted September 2008 | Add a Comment

Detailed pictures of an Atlantic Tower hardtop installation.

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Water, Water Everywhere...

By | Posted August 2008 | Add a Comment

Heading south for the winter? Life's great under the swaying palms—until you get thirsty. Too often the drinking water in tropical paradises tastes funky. (Maybe that's why so many folks in the Caribbean drink Mount Gay rum for breakfast.) Protect yourself by turning bad water into something you'll actually enjoy swallowing with an onboard water-treatment system.In the United States,

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Watching the River Flow

By | Posted July 2008 | Add a Comment

FloScan's TwinScan shows you how much fuel burn is occuring with both engines.Now that fuel is almost as expensive as vintage cognac, it's time to keep closer tabs on how much your boat is using: A fuel-management system is an affordable way to do this and relatively straightforward to install. The simplest systems consist of an

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Twelve-Volt TLC

By | Posted June 2008 | Add a Comment

This cutaway of a conventional wet battery shows individual cells.Most boats alternate between the genset and the yellow cord, so it's easy to overlook the batteries—but lead and acid need love, too. Taking care of your batteries usually demands little more than visual inspection and a quick wipe down with a rag. Ignore your

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The Nose Knows

By | Posted May 2008 | Add a Comment

The weather is getting warmer, and the sweet smell of sewage is wafting through your cabin. Why? Maybe you took a winterizing shortcut last fall and failed to clean the holding tank thoroughly, leaving a sewage/antifreeze mix that became a smelly sludge glued to the tank bottom. Or maybe you've never rinsed your tank after pumping it out. Whatever the reason, your nose knows that this problem

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