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Mike Smith

Install a Freshwater Head

By | Posted April 2015 | Add a Comment

You may be surprised to learn what switching to a freshwater toilet can do for your boat—and your quality of life on board.

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Solar Power on Your Boat

By | Posted April 2015 | Add a Comment

Solar power has been around for a long time, but in recent years advancements have been made that make it more practical and efficient for use on your boat. Still skeptical? You shouldn’t be. Read more here.

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A Boat Nut’s Christmas Reading List

By | Posted December 2014 | Add a Comment

Asking Santa for some reading material this year? Here are a few suggestions.

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Boatyard Dry-Storage Maintenance Tips

By | Posted October 2014 | Add a Comment

Nice and Easy on the Hard   Your shafts, rudders, struts, and zincs are important parts of your boat that too often can be overlooked. We’ll tell you how to take care of them, and when the best time is to do it.

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Essential Spare Parts to Keep On Your Boat

By | Posted October 2014 | Add a Comment

You may be tempted to keep all sorts of spare parts on your boat, but really, you’d just be adding clutter to your decks. We break down the essential spare parts you really need to have onboard.

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About Cutlass Bearings

By | Posted October 2014 | Add a Comment

How did “cutless” bearings—the brass and rubber sleeves that keep shafts spinning smoothly, once made by B. F. Goodrich—become “cutlass” bearings? After all, a cutlass is meant to cut things—like marauding pirates, for example—while cutless bearings are designed specifically not to.

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How to Maintain the Bilge on Your Boat

By | Posted September 2014 | Add a Comment

There’s nothing glamorous about it, but maintaining a clean and well running bilge system is a good indicator that you’re a consummate boater. Here's everything you need to know about maintaining your bilges.

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How to Maintain a Watermaker

By | Posted July 2014 | Add a Comment

Having a good watermaker onboard will make cruising your boat a lot easier. However maintaining one is not as easy as some people think. Never fear. To learn the most helpful maintenance tips for keeping your watermaker running properly, read this.

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How to Troubleshoot Your Boat's Air-Conditioning System

By | Posted June 2014 | Add a Comment

Everything you need to know about fixing your air conditioner. Now that summer’s just about here, it’s time to get serious about your onboard air-conditioning system. And we’ve got everything you need to know about how to stay cool when it gets hot.

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How to Maintain a Hydraulic Steering System

By | Posted May 2014 | Add a Comment

Few things are as important onboard your boat as your steering system, yet a surprising amount of boaters don’t know how to take proper care of it. We’ll show you everything you need to know to keep your hydraulic steering system in tip-top condition.

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