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by Peter Frederiksen

Chasing the Blues Away

By Peter Frederiksen | Posted January 2014 | Add a Comment

Opportunities come and go, but how you play the game is no fluke. Wonderful September weather and an epic canyon report pointed to an offshore trip where we vowed to get even with the pelagics that had eluded us much of the season..

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Making a Better Boat

By Peter Frederiksen | Posted January 2013 | Add a Comment

It all starts with the hull. If you haven’t got that right, there’s no way to fix it. Here we provide a full course in how boats are built, to underscore the point that the methods used today are an evolution of everything that’s gone before, on the steady march toward making a better boat.

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Teachable Moments

By Peter Frederiksen | Posted November 2011 | Add a Comment

Bad weather’s no match for the young at heart. It wasn’t ideal boating weather, with a steady ENE breeze and summer rain. But enthusiastic six-year-olds don’t notice such things. When they want to go fishing, nothing can get in the way—not wind, rain, TV, or even the computer. I am sure my father experienced the same thing when he taught me to fish. But now it was my turn, and the student was my nephew. If you want to be successful teaching children to fish, remember two things: Keep it simple and make it fun. Keep it simple by going after fish that are easy to catch; make it fun by fishing where you get a lot of bites. Out on my Manasquan River, the incoming tide and onshore wind would offer some excellent drifting—perfect for targeting fluke.

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