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by Peter Frederiksen

Bringing in the Big Ones

By Peter Frederiksen | Posted May 2016 | Add a Comment

Whether you’re chasing fish or charter customers, it’s knowing how to set the hook that makes all the difference.

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Fighting Unjust Fishing Regulations

By Peter Frederiksen | Posted April 2016 | Add a Comment

Like casting for fish, preserving your angling rights requires persistence.

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A Mate For Life

By Peter Frederiksen | Posted March 2016 | Add a Comment

Working as a mate on a fishing boat, where you crease the inlet in the morning, watch the sun rise, breathe fresh salty air and get paid to do it, is one of the best forms of employment on the planet. My first paying job was washing a half-day fluke boat.

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Fishing Success is in the Details

By Peter Frederiksen | Posted February 2016 | Add a Comment

Sometimes it’s the smallest mistakes that end up costing you the most.

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Simple Fishing Lures

By Peter Frederiksen | Posted October 2015 | Add a Comment

Digging through a tackle box of memories.

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Catch and Release Fishing

By Peter Frederiksen | Posted August 2015 | Add a Comment

As I get saltier, releasing fish safely is what is uppermost in my mind to ensure others will share in what I have been able to enjoy.

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Planning for Emergencies While Fishing

By Peter Frederiksen | Posted June 2015 | Add a Comment

Planning for emergencies is just as vital as preparing for the big catch.

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The International Masters Angling Tournament

By Peter Frederiksen | Posted April 2015 | Add a Comment

When the legendary John Rybovich put together the first International Masters Angling Tournament in 1963 (AKA The Masters) the fishing world had no idea what it was in for. These days though, the tournament is known as perhaps the preeminent fishing competition in the world, for good reason. Read more about it here.

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Chasing the Blues Away

By Peter Frederiksen | Posted January 2014 | Add a Comment

Opportunities come and go, but how you play the game is no fluke. Wonderful September weather and an epic canyon report pointed to an offshore trip where we vowed to get even with the pelagics that had eluded us much of the season..

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Making a Better Boat

By Peter Frederiksen | Posted January 2013 | Add a Comment

It all starts with the hull. If you haven’t got that right, there’s no way to fix it. Here we provide a full course in how boats are built, to underscore the point that the methods used today are an evolution of everything that’s gone before, on the steady march toward making a better boat.

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