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Mike Smith

How to Decide if You Should Refurbish or Sell Your Boat

By | Posted October 2016 | Add a Comment

Trying to decide whether to sell your boat or upgrade it? Surely it's not an easy question--many factors come into play that can tilt the balance one way or the other. Solve the dilemma here.

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4 Easy Projects to Improve Your Boat

By | Posted September 2016 | Add a Comment

Use the off-season (or a few off weekends) to improve your boat. Here are four projects you can start right away.

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Replacing the Carpet on Your Boat

By | Posted July 2016 | Add a Comment

New carpeting may not be high on your priority list. But if you look at your boat’s interior it could really help it all together, and it may be a treat for your feet that won’t hurt your wallet if you follow this advice. See our expert tips here.

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How to Maintain the Gelcoat on Your Boat

By | Posted June 2016 | Add a Comment

Don’t live with dirty, stained gelcoat. Spruce it up easily by choosing the right cleaners and sealants.

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How to Maintain the Exhaust System on Your Boat

By | Posted May 2016 | Add a Comment

Inspecting your boat’s exhaust system now might save your engine later. Or your life.

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How to Stretch Your Boatyard Budget

By | Posted April 2016 | Add a Comment

Choosing the right yard can keep your boat in tip-top shape, and save you money, too.

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Underwater Lighting Solutions

By | Posted March 2016 | Add a Comment

Underwater lights aren’t just for fishing. They can serve many purposes from avoiding debris to improving your love life.

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How to Best Display a Boat Name

By | Posted March 2016 | Add a Comment

Naming your boat is a personal experience and a great way to express yourself. Learn the best ways to share it with the world here.

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How to Sell Your Boat

By | Posted February 2016 | Add a Comment

Think About Selling the Way the Pros Do.  Selling a boat may have more to do with timing and location than the boat itself. Put your boat’s best foot forward by following the simple steps outlined here.

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Guide to Fire Safety on Your Boat

By | Posted January 2016 | Add a Comment

There’s a lot of flammable material on a boat, and once fire gets a foothold you’ll be facing a hot, smokey situation with possibly toxic fumes. And if the flames ignite the fiberglass, chances are you’re looking at an abandon-ship situation. What fire extinguishers should you keep onboard to protect your boat and loved ones? Find out here.

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