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Eric Colby

How to take care of your boat's battery

By | Posted March 2012 | Add a Comment

Here’s how to make sure your batteries don’t go slip slidin’ away...

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What you need to know about fuel-polishing systems for your boat

By | Posted February 2012 | Add a Comment

A fuel-polishing system heads off clogs before they slow you down...

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By | Posted February 2012 | Add a Comment

Interceptors can sharpen up a boat’s performance and efficiency. For decades trim tabs have been the popular way to adjust a boat’s running angle. They work well on boats up to about 45 feet but on larger boats, you need some seriously big plates, which can create drag and don’t always deploy quickly. That’s why lately many manufacturers are turning to interceptors, such as those manufactured by Humphree and Naiad Dynamics. These blades mount to the transom and drop down vertically into the flow of water coming from beneath the hull to create lift without producing the drag of conventional tabs.

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Auxiliary Propulsion Unit

By | Posted December 2011 | Add a Comment

Finally retired, you’re on a weeklong cruise aboard your trawler, just you and your wife. Suddenly your only engine quits, and you can’t restart it. Your peaceful cruise is over, and your wife is asking, “Are we stuck in the middle of nowhere?”

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Hot Water on Your Boat

By | Posted November 2011 | Add a Comment

If you’re on an extended cruise, you can never have enough of two things: privacy and hot water. Both problems can be solved, but the solutions are different in scope. You can take care of the former by purchasing a bigger boat. The hot-water issue is easier and less costly to...

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Air-Conditioning Systems - Part II

By | Posted October 2011 | Add a Comment

Last month we showed you how to determine your boat’s cooling needs as a first step in an air-conditioning installation or refit (see article here).Now that you know how much space you’re going to be cooling and the size of the unit you’ll need to cool it, it’s time to select the

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Air-Conditioning Systems

By | Posted September 2011 | Add a Comment

In this less-than-perfect economy, many people are keeping their current boats and upgrading them in various ways. One smart investment to improve your comfort and your boat’s future resale value is adding or upgrading air conditioning. This

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Powering your boat's air conditioner with your inverter

By | Posted August 2011 | Add a Comment

The owner of a Bertram 700 wanted to relax while at anchor in cool, quiet comfort. The cool part was easily covered thanks to a Marine Air chiller system comprised of four modular

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