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by Jason Y. Wood

Power & Motoryacht Senior Editor:
Jason Y. Wood grew up sailing and fishing the lakes and waterways of New England. Family vacations to Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard instilled in him a love of the sea that continued through his studies at Bowdoin College in coastal Maine. His pursuit of fair winds and fish turned from passion to profession when he landed a job in 1997 as assistant editor at Offshore magazine, near Boston. Read more here...

Touchscreens on Marine Electronics

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted January 2014 | Add a Comment

What You Should Know About Touchscreens on Marine Electronics Touchscreens are showing up on marine electronics more and more, but you may be surprised about why. Power & Motoryacht investigated how manufacturers are dealing with user expectations, and what’s coming next.

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Lazzara LMY 64

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted December 2013

Power & Motoryacht's Boat Test of the Lazzara LMY 64 Lazzara Yachts has always found a way to stand out from the rest of the pack. During his test of the Lazzara LMY 64, Editor-in-Chief Jason Y. Wood dove deep with the company’s founder, Dick Lazzara, to find out exactly how he does it. Read more here.

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Streaming Content for Onboard Entertainment

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted December 2013 | Add a Comment

For better or for worse, taking to sea will soon no longer be a true escape. New technologies—in particular a mini-VSAT broadband system from KVH—are making Wi-Fi connection and other connectivity applications better than ever. Editor-in-Chief Jason Wood introduces you to a bold new future, here.

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Delta 54 IPS

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted December 2013

Power & Motoryacht's boat test of the Delta 54 IPS  If the Delta 54 IPS were an apartment, this carbon-fiber Swedish import would offer three bedrooms, a spacious terrace, and, of course, a water view.

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Sanlorenzo Fractional Boat Ownership

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted November 2013 | Add a Comment

The boaters who keep it real seem to get the most out of their experiences. A fractional ownership program may offer options you didn’t know existed.

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Autopilot Technology Leaps Forward

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted October 2013 | Add a Comment

Whether you’re looking to get a brand-new boat or upgrade the boat you have, the autopilot may play a big role in how you feel about that boat. And the way technology is changing, you may find a whole new reason to love boating. See what we’re talking about here.

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How Do Sailors Use Electronics?

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted August 2013 | Add a Comment

Powerboaters could learn a thing or two about using electronics from sailors. There are some new systems that make these lessons more apparent. See what we’re talking about here.

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Tiara 3900 Coronet

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted June 2013

Power & Motoryacht's Boat Test of the Tiara 3900 Coronet.  The Coronet has always been a value model for Tiara, and the latest addition to the line, the 3900, is no exception. But in some ways you may find this boat exceptional by the standards of today. Have a look here to learn why.

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Tiara 2900 Coronet

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted June 2013 | Add a Comment

Brand Foundation: Tiara 2900 Coronet. The boatbuilder listened to its customers, paid attention to fundamentals, and stuck to the intent of its new model. The resulting dayboat resonates as a classic Tiara.

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What Voyage-Planning Software Can Do for You

By Jason Y. Wood | Posted May 2013 | Add a Comment

Even the most seat-of-the-pants navigator can benefit from passing his or her eyes over a course in advance of a cruise. Voyage-planning software gives you the option to do this at your helm, your home computer, or even a tablet or other mobile device. Learn more about how to use this powerful navigational tool here.

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