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by Kevin Koenig

PMY Senior Editor:
Kevin grew up in New Jersey and spent his summers cruising the Barnegat Bay aboard his father’s 23-foot Sea Ray Respite. He also has earned a certificate in boating from Southwest Florida Yachts. He graduated magna cum laude from Georgetown University in 2004 Read more here...

Rio Yachts 56 Granturismo

By Kevin Koenig | Posted July 2014

Power & Motoryacht's Boat Test of the Rio Yachts 56 Granturismo.  The highly customizable and extraordinarily sleek Rio 56 Granturismo is an eye-catching boat to be sure. But does she perform as sweetly as she looks? Find out here.

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Viking 42 ST

By Kevin Koenig | Posted June 2014

Power & Motoryacht's Boat Test of the Viking 42 ST The Viking 42 ST is one of the smallest boats in the Viking line, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t pack a punch. We got onboard the boat in Palm Beach to see what this amenity-laden hard charger could do.

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Frauscher 747 Mirage

By Kevin Koenig | Posted May 2014 | Add a Comment

New Boats Notebook - update on the Frauscher 747 Mirage

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Robert Paradise Interview

By Kevin Koenig | Posted April 2014 | Add a Comment

Robert Paradise has lived a nautical life rich in experience. He’s sailed the seven seas as part of the U.S. Navy, completed transatlantic voyages onboard pleasure craft, and even helped design a yacht that went into production as her own line.

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Sperry Topsider Searacer Plus GripX3

By Kevin Koenig | Posted April 2014 | Add a Comment

An athletic sneaker with plenty of support and cushioning, the SeaRacers have changed my boat-show experience drastically, and all of my joints thank them for that.

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Jan Dobbs Interview

By Kevin Koenig | Posted March 2014 | Add a Comment

Inside tips on navigating The Great Loop from an experienced boater Jan Dobbs and her husband recently ran their Viking 61 around The Great Loop. While they were cruising, we managed to get her on the horn to see what she had to say about the Loop, The Great Lakes, and pushing yourself when it comes to setting boating goals. Read the full interview here.

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Jim Krapf Interview

By Kevin Koenig | Posted February 2014 | Add a Comment

If you’ve spent any amount of time on the water, you probably have a few good stories to tell. So imagine how many tales a guy who runs boats professionally has in his pocket? We asked Jim Krapf, a part-time delivery captain, to tell us about some of his most interesting runs down the coast. Here’s what he told us.

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Everglades 255 CC

By Kevin Koenig | Posted February 2014

Power & Motoryacht's Boat Test of the Everglades 255 CC.  The Everglades 255 CC is a rugged and sporty little center console that can go out in the rough stuff, and more importantly, get you back home safely.

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Bavaria Virtess 420

By Kevin Koenig | Posted January 2014 | Add a Comment

Power & Motoryacht's first look at the Bavaria Virtess 420.  Have a closer look at the Bavaria Virtess 420, a sleek flying-bridge cruiser with a deceptive amount of onboard space. She comes from Germany, where they know a thing or two about engineering.

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Intrepid 375 Center Console

By Kevin Koenig | Posted January 2014

Power & Motoryacht's Boat Test of the Intrepid 375 CC Senior Editor Kevin Koenig recently tested the Intrepid 375 Center Console with twin 557-horsepower Seven Marine outboards. He expected the boat to be plenty fast, of course, but the other things he found out about Intrepid and its partnership with Seven Marine may surprise you.

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