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by Kevin Koenig

PMY Senior Editor:
Kevin grew up in New Jersey and spent his summers cruising the Barnegat Bay aboard his father’s 23-foot Sea Ray Respite. He also has earned a certificate in boating from Southwest Florida Yachts. He graduated magna cum laude from Georgetown University in 2004 Read more here...

Wider 42

By Kevin Koenig | Posted January 2011 | Add a Comment

In times of economic strife, most people shy away from evolutionary business concepts, instead preferring to hunker down and ride out the storm with older, more comfortable ideas. But a lack of dynamism in business leads to stagnation—and stagnation to death. The business of boatbuilding is no exception. But thankfully, Tilli Antonelli is not “most people.”

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Sea Vee 430 Express

By Kevin Koenig | Posted January 2011 | Add a Comment

It has been said that choice is the ultimate luxury. If that cliche holds true, then the SeaVee 430 Express is definitely a boat worth checking out. Depending on her owner’s druthers, the 430 can either be a comfortable and stylish cruiser that’s perfect for a day out on the water with guests or a real-deal fishing boat that can go out and compete with the

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Cruising the St. Johns River

By Kevin Koenigphotos by Jense... | Posted December 2010 | Add a Comment

Still WatersAmong Alligators and the Ghosts of Mad Men on the Mighty St. Johns.The Betty Jane pushes up the St. Johns to ports unknown, at least to a lifetime Yankee like me.Late last summer an email from Editor-in-Chief Richard Thiel pinged into my inbox—“I have something up my sleeve for you”—it read.

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A Profile of Bill Zinser, the Captain of Cakewalk

By Kevin Koenig | Posted November 2010 | Add a Comment

Photo by y Jim RaycroftZinser is a commanding presence aboard Cakewalk. The respect he garners there is palpable—and well-earned.Bill Zinser Has His CakeOnboard with the captain of the largest yacht built in America since 1931.In the sleepy port city of

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Just Launched: Fairline Targa 58 Gran Turismo

By Kevin Koenig | Posted October 2010 | Add a Comment

Fit for a QueenA renowned British boatbuilder blends some new technology with old-world luxury.Fairline has always been known for designing exceptionally seakindly boats that also have elegant, understated lines. This British builder is also known for crafting lush interiors that are stunning enough for the Queen Mum herself. The new

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