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Tim Bartlett

PMY Electronics Editor:
Based out of the U.K., Tim has a lifetime of experience running and writing about boats. For more than ten years, he served as the technical editor of Motor Boat and Yachting—the UK’s leading powerboat magazine. Since leaving that position in 1997, he has penned articles for various boating publications, including Power & Motoryacht’s sister magazine, SAIL Magazine. Read more here...

Side-Scanning Sonar

By | Posted January 2011 | Add a Comment

The Latest, But Is It The Greatest?Side-scan sonar can find structure, but can it find fish?Teamwork in action: Using side-scan, down-scan, and regular sonar to help pinpoint a wreck and ultimately find the fish.Half a century ago, Carl Lowrance revolutionized fishing by producing the first

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Navico’s whispering sonar

By | Posted December 2010 | Add a Comment

Why shout when you can whisper?How Navico’s new breed of whispering sonar promises clearer pictures at greater depths.Three years ago, Navico introduced something that it described as a “Broadband Sounder.” Depending on which of the Navico brands you preferred, it came in either a gray (Lowrance) or black (Simrad) box that was wired in between the sonar transducer

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Sept 2010 Electronics Column

By | Posted September 2010 | Add a Comment

Finding Your PlaceAn upgrade for GPS and a real-world test for AISThe first of the line: a Block 2F satellite being prepared for launch at Boeing.The first of a new generation of GPS satellites known as “Block 2F” was launched from Cape Canaveral at the end of May and should be “set healthy” as you

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Inmarsat phone

By | Posted August 2010 | Add a Comment

Inmarsat, the granddaddy of satellite communication services, has launched a truly portable satellite phone. The company says that the new phone is "targeted primarily at professional users in the government, media, aid, oil and gas, mining and construction sectors," but its $699 list price and pay-as-you-go airtime at about $1 per minute are likely to win it

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My Anchor Watch

By | Posted August 2010 | Add a Comment

Anchor Watch. There are more than 150,000 apps for the iPhone, ranging from the puerile and pointless (such as iBeer, that turns your $300 phone into a virtual beer glass) to the almost indispensable (Google Earth, a guitar tuner, and a virtual spirit

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Wireless On The Water?

By | Posted August 2010 | Add a Comment

Wireless On The Water?We have wireless networks in our homes and offices. Why not on our boats, too?I can’t remember the last time I used a phone that had a wire attaching its handset to its base, but the fact that I have a hard-wired computer network at home apparently qualifies me as one of the last of the dinosaurs. And given the

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What’s a Navico?

By | Posted July 2010 | Add a Comment

What’s a Navico?Deconstructing and defining an emerging marine electronics giant.When I was first introduced to Simrad’s new NSE displays last fall, I just had to ask a company rep what the letters NSE stand for. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I was told that it means “Northstar Edition.”Like many of you, the fate of Northstar has been a

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A Sense of Direction

By | Posted June 2010 | Add a Comment

The strange and tortuous search for a way to improve GPS reliability.Last December CrossRate Technology introduced its first (and so far only) product: a combined GPS and Loran receiver called the eLGPS1110. Two months later, Loran was switched off. CrossRate’s timing could have been better, but their concept was brilliant. GPS provides an

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Lowrance Elite

By | Posted June 2010 | Add a Comment

“Elite,” according to my dictionary, means “the most powerful, rich, gifted or educated members of a community,” which makes it rather an odd choice of name for a range of five-inch plotters and fishfinders whose list prices range from a very reasonable $449 for the Elite 5x fishfinder through $499 for the Elite 5m plotter to a far-from-bank-breaking $549 for the

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Controlling Power

By | Posted May 2010 | Add a Comment

Twenty-first-century technology has changed the way your electronics communicate.It’s more than ten years now, since we learned to spell “millennium,” stocked up on canned food, and braced ourselves for the computerized apocalypse that was supposed to happen as we rolled over into the 21st Cen-tury—but never did. Yet while Y2K never lived up to its

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