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Tim Bartlett

PMY Electronics Editor:
Based out of the U.K., Tim has a lifetime of experience running and writing about boats. For more than ten years, he served as the technical editor of Motor Boat and Yachting—the UK’s leading powerboat magazine. Since leaving that position in 1997, he has penned articles for various boating publications, including Power & Motoryacht’s sister magazine, SAIL Magazine. Read more here...

How to Choose the Right Marine Binoculars

By | Posted October 2016 | Add a Comment

Knowing what you’re looking at has a key component: Being able to see enough detail to make the right decisions. Understand what marine binoculars have to offer, and think about a new pair—good ones don’t need to cost too much.

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How to Properly Place and Maintain Your Transducer

By | Posted November 2015 | Add a Comment

You can invest all you want in fishfinders and sonar, but it’s the transducer that can make all the difference. And then only if it’s installed correctly.

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Understanding Modern Marine Electronics

By | Posted July 2015 | Add a Comment

The speed of today’s electronics may present boaters with overwhelming amounts of data in the blink of an eye, but it’s more than processing power that lets these devices deliver. Here’s what makes the difference.

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Boaters Benefit From a New Kind of Space Race

By | Posted May 2015 | Add a Comment

Your boat may be about to benefit from a worldwide competition to provide the best satellite navigation signals. Read all about it here.

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Are You Using Russian SatNav?

By | Posted May 2015 | Add a Comment

If you are using a GPS, MFD, or cell phone that is less than a year or two old, there is a pretty good chance that you may be using Glonass as well as GPS without realizing it.

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How to Avoid Obstacles with Your Boat

By | Posted March 2015 | Add a Comment

The best way to keep your hull from getting dinged—or worse—is to simply avoid obstructions. But that’s not always as easy as it sounds. To find out some ways electronics are making your path a bit clearer read this.

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The Pitfalls of Being Overly Reliant on GPS

By | Posted May 2014 | Add a Comment

Why GPS could be more dangerous than you think.   GPS is a fantastic tool, but it’s still only a tool. The person that operates it is ultimately responsible for using it correctly and getting safely to his destination. We investigated the pitfalls of being overly reliant on GPS.

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Civilian Thermal-Imaging Just Got a Whole Lot Cooler

By | Posted July 2013 | Add a Comment

Just when you thought onboard gadgetry had reached its limit, FLIR has introduced a thermal imager with technology previously unavailable to civilians like us. Have a look at the latest system here.

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Can Infrared See Through Fog?

By | Posted July 2013 | Add a Comment

Thermal imaging works just fine in daylight, but can it cut through sight-reducing mists?

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New Alternatives to GPS

By | Posted March 2013 | Add a Comment

GPS altered how boaters figure out where they are. But other, new, comparable systems are coming online soon, shifting the satellite-navigation landscape even more. Don’t worry, it’s going to be a good thing.

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