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by Andy Lavin

Megayachts, Super Crews

By Catherine PearsonAndy Lavin | Posted December 2008 | Add a Comment

It's 3 a.m., and you wake with a start, suddenly in the throes of a real-life nightmare. A fire has erupted in the galley of your new 150-footer and you've got your entire family onboard for what should've been a relaxing respite in the Med.What happens next? Who fights the flames and who administers any necessary first aid? Well, if your crew has studied

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The Yacht that Vanished

By Andy LavinCapt. Bill Pike | Posted November 2008 | Add a Comment

Years ago, while packing boat-test gear into a Pelican case on the Fort Lauderdale waterfront, I fell into conversation with a white-haired gent in a plaid shirt who’d spent much of his life delivering yachts internationally. A garrulous soul, he told me a rousing story about a 75-foot Burger motoryacht he swore he’d seen down in Colombia 20 years before. She’d

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