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Capt. Richard Thiel

PMY Editor-in-Chief:
Raised in San Diego, Richard grew up on boats—admittedly, mostly sailboats. He actually didn't purchase his first powerboat, a 19-foot SeaCraft center console, until after he moved to Jupiter, Florida, in 1980. From the moment he launched Last Resort, he was hooked on powerboats, so much so that he decided to parlay his love of them and his experience as a diesel mechanic into a career as a freelance boating writer. Read more here...

How Propellers Affect a Boat's Performance

By | Posted June 2013 | Add a Comment

When a boat’s performance heads south, the props are often called into question (along with other aspects of what makes a boat go). Learn the whys and hows of sorting performance issues with propellers (and beyond) here.

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Maritimo M50

By | Posted June 2013

Power & Motoryacht's Boat Test of the Maritimo M50.  Adding feet and inches to an established design is a proven way to bring customers along and update a model lineup. But Maritimo has refined the method with the introduction of the M50, which riffs on the much-loved M48, but takes the use of interior space to the next level. Check out what we’re talking about here.

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Troubleshooting Your Boat's Engine

By | Posted May 2013 | Add a Comment

How to troubleshoot engine problems on your boat.  We’re going to talk about the art, guidelines that define the way you approach a problem—any problem. It could be a dead engine, smoke in the bilge, or a jammed silverware drawer in the galley. These ten rules won’t guarantee that you’ll solve a problem, just vastly increase your chances of success and vastly decrease your chances of making things worse.  

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Troubleshooting Boat Performance

By | Posted May 2013 | Add a Comment

A reader wants to know why his boat is slowing down. Boat performance is one of those things that a boater can usually troubleshoot himself. There are four main factors that affect it: engine output, propeller efficiency, hydrodynamic drag, and load.

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Marine Engine Horsepower Ratings

By | Posted April 2013 | Add a Comment

Power & Propulsion: What Does Your Engine’s Horsepower Rating Mean? Understanding what horsepower is, what it gets you, and why less is sometimes more can help your engines last longer. Learn more about horsepower ratings mean here.

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Five Tools Every Boater Should Carry

By | Posted March 2013 | Add a Comment

They’ll get you out of many a jam, they won’t break your bank account, and you probably don’t have them aboard—yet.

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Engine-Room Test

By | Posted February 2013 | Add a Comment

Take our engine-room test on your own terms. Know the names and locations of basic engine-room components and you won’t be embarrassed next time your mechanic comes calling.

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IPS vs. Zeus: Which is Better?

By | Posted January 2013 | Add a Comment

Pod propulsion questions now are met with an embarassment of riches. But which is better, Volvo Penta’s IPS or Cummins Mercruiser Diesel’s Zeus system? We take on this tough question here.

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MJM 36z

By | Posted December 2012

Power & Motoryacht's boat test of the MJM 36z While MJM’s boats sport a rather traditional Down East profile, a peek beneath the surface reveals innovation in nearly every aspect of the build, from her high-tech hull construction to a smart use of stern drives for a combination of performance, efficiency, and draft. 

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Vicem 107

By | Posted November 2012

Power & Motoryacht's boat test of the Vicem 107. Old World craftmanship meets old-school style in the Vicem 107, as Editor-at-Large Capt. Richard Thiel discovered on a visit to Turkey to try her out on Homer’s wine-dark sea.

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