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Capt. Richard Thiel

PMY Editor-in-Chief:
Raised in San Diego, Richard grew up on boats—admittedly, mostly sailboats. He actually didn't purchase his first powerboat, a 19-foot SeaCraft center console, until after he moved to Jupiter, Florida, in 1980. From the moment he launched Last Resort, he was hooked on powerboats, so much so that he decided to parlay his love of them and his experience as a diesel mechanic into a career as a freelance boating writer. Read more here...

How to Evaluate an Engine

By | Posted April 2014 | Add a Comment

Buying a boat? Add these steps to your engine survey to make sure there are no ugly surprises later.

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Marine Fuel Additives

By | Posted March 2014 | Add a Comment

Does your fuel really need those additives? Have you ever given much thought to the fuel additives you use, and whether or not they actually help—or worse, hurt—your boat’s performance? We have. Read here to find out our thoughts on the matter.

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The Future of Marine Engines

By | Posted February 2014 | Add a Comment

As technology advances and emissions regulations tighten, marine engines are bound to evolve, no matter how effective they currently are. We take a look at what kind of propulsion systems you might have onboard your boat in the not so distant future.

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The New Caterpillar C8.7

By | Posted January 2014 | Add a Comment

Capt. Richard Thiel investigates the new Caterpillar C8.7 and the market and regulatory forces that launched it. With emissions regulations becoming more and more stringent, CAT was forced to link up with an unlikely partner to get their powerplant off the ground: Fiat. Yes, Fiat.

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The Truth About Shafts and Pods

By | Posted January 2014 | Add a Comment

Since their invention, pod systems laid claim to the throne held by conventional shafts as the dominant form of marine propulsion. But that hasn’t necessarily happened. We investigated the details of how each system stacks up, from complexity to maintenance and costs.

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Engine Maintenance Tips

By | Posted December 2013 | Add a Comment

Capt. Richard Thiel knows oil analysis isn’t the sexiest topic in the world. But it is an important one if you plan on keeping your boat well maintained for years to come. Here he shares some tips on how to do it well... and on the cheap. 

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Are Synthetic Engine Oils Right for Your Boat?

By | Posted November 2013 | Add a Comment

Capt. Richard Thiel investigates whether the high-tech, synthetic engine oils are all they’re cracked up to be—particularly for marine engines.

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Horizon PC60

By | Posted October 2013

Power & Motoryacht's boat test of the Horizon PC60.

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Princess 82

By | Posted October 2013

Power & Motoryacht Tested: Princess 82 If you know the line of Princess motoryachts as we do, you may be curious to see just this new addition fits. But if you’re just becoming acquainted with these exquisite British-built motoryachts, you’re in for a real treat. Either way, we’d love to show you around the Princess 82. Step aboard with us here.

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What's New in Marine Propulsion Technology

By | Posted October 2013 | Add a Comment

What’s new in the engine room, on the transom, and on the horizon. Today’s Marine engine manufacturers are using new technology to keep pushing powerplants in cleaner, lighter, and more user-friendly directions.

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