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Capt. Richard Thiel

PMY Editor-in-Chief:
Raised in San Diego, Richard grew up on boats—admittedly, mostly sailboats. He actually didn't purchase his first powerboat, a 19-foot SeaCraft center console, until after he moved to Jupiter, Florida, in 1980. From the moment he launched Last Resort, he was hooked on powerboats, so much so that he decided to parlay his love of them and his experience as a diesel mechanic into a career as a freelance boating writer. Read more here...

Absolute 52

By | Posted October 2010

Absolute is turning heads in Europe. Can it do the same in America? If you’re a boatbuilder who’s bent on competing in the United States, you better have two things: a lot of boatbuilding experience and a good idea of what Americans like and what they don’t. America’s financial landscape is littered with the bones of companies who entered what is

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Formula 400 Super Sport

By | Posted April 2010 | Add a Comment

Primed for PerformanceThis is one high-performance sportboat that has plenty of luxury, too.When it comes to combining the excitement and speed of a true high-performance boat and the comfort and luxury of a family cruiser, no one does it better than Formula. As proof of that, you need look no further than the new 400 Super Sport.

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Fuelish Pleasure

By | Posted September 2008 | Add a Comment

This is the editorial I've been avoiding: the one about the cost of fuel and what, if anything, we can do about it. As a boat owner like you, who's been shocked so often at the fuel dock I'm beginning to feel like a cow at a slaughterhouse, I know the subject demands attention. But what to say?PMY is not going to do "10 Secret Ways to Save Fuel

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Truck It!

By | Posted August 2008 | Add a Comment

Maybe it's because I spent my early boating life in a warm climate that I've never bought into the idea of hauling my boat out of the water, shrink-wrapping her and leaving her up on the hard for six months. It wasn't the expense that bothered me, nor was it the hassle of applying, removing, and discarding all that glorified Saran Wrap. More than anything, it was that the whole exercise seemed

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The Secret Sea

By | Posted June 2008 | Add a Comment

Have you ever been somewhere so unspoiled, so beautiful, so perfect you were afraid to tell anyone about it for fear they'd go there and ruin it? That's how I felt after a one-week bareboat charter on a 47-foot Moorings powercat out of La Paz, Mexico. I couldn't wait to tell everyone about the splendid isolation of the Sea of Cortez, which I consider the best bareboat cruising destination

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More Mariner

By | Posted June 2008 | Add a Comment

If you were to compare Hull No. 1 of the Pacific Mariner 85, which we tested in our February 2005 issue ("Dream Machine"), and Hull No. 12, which I tested earlier this year, you'd have to look pretty closely to find any differences. And, truth be told, there really have been no

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Wonder Board

By | Posted March 2008 | Add a Comment

You PMY readers are never satisfied. From the time you take delivery of your latest boat, you're thinking about just two things: the next one you're going to buy or ways to improve the one you just bought. We know you don't need advice on how to shop for a new boat—you're veterans at that—but if you're looking for a few projects to either do

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Dark Days For Do-It-Yourselfers

By | Posted February 2008 | Add a Comment

When Thomas Paine wrote, "These are the times that try men's souls," he was referring to the colony's treatment at the hands of nasty King George III. But were he around today, Tom's observation could also apply to boating. It's hard to imagine a crueler month for us nautical types than March. So it's perhaps understandable that at a time of year when so

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After Petroleum, What?

By | Posted December 2007 | Add a Comment

Azimut's fuel cell genset derives energy from gasoline. Future versions will use diesel fuel taken from the boat's diesel fuel tanks.The days of gasoline and diesel are rapidly coming to an end. With more than a quarter of the northern polar ice cap gone this summer and unprecedented drought in the southeast and west, even Dubya

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The End of Rock and Roll

By | Posted October 2007 | Add a Comment

If you could eliminate one thing from boating, what would it be—other than cost? If you said rough water, you'd not be alone. Uncomfortable gyrations have been the bane of seafarers ever since someone hollowed out a tree trunk. But, of course, no one this side of the New Testament can calm troubled waters. Ancient mariners poured oil on them to no avail. Modern active and passive

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