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Catherine Pearson

Walk on

By | Posted August 2009 | Add a Comment

Fall is upon us. The leaves are turning, kids are gearing up for school, and if you’re anything like us, your thoughts are turning to shopping for your next vessel at one of the many upcoming boat shows. From Newport this month to Fort Lauderdale the next, there’s a whole lot of ground to cover when you’re a boat-show junkie, which means there’s also a whole lot of potential for serious foot

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Easy Does It

By | Posted August 2009 | Add a Comment

For many of us, the dream of owning a boat goes something like this: You buy a beautiful, powerful vessel that somehow stays in mint condition with minimal work and cost. You run her from one exotic locale to the next without emptying your wallet and without a care in the world. The reality, of course, can be quite different. As any experienced boater

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It’s Monaco Time!

By | Posted August 2009 | Add a Comment

Big yachts are nothing unusual at Monaco.Come September 23rd, the docks of Monaco’s Port Hercules will be awash with visitors—more than 30,000 of them—all of whom will have traveled to this glamorous principality for a singular event: the 19th annual Monaco Yacht Show (MYS). In spite of the current economic downturn, this year’s

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World’s 100 Largest Yachts 2009 #1: Dubai

By | Posted July 2009 | Add a Comment

Dubai's stunning staircase is the centerpiece of the yacht#1: Dubai | 531'5"Built for a prince and sold to a Dubai-based monarch, the world’s largest yacht has certainly had some dazzling owners. Her build heritage is nothing to sneeze at either: The work on this Andrew

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Sunny Days

By | Posted July 2009 | Add a Comment

In this enviro-conscious age, everybody’s aware that the sun is a great source of free, clean energy. Which is why there are scads of handy chargers out there, from small multi-purpose versions to laptop-friendly models, that let you power your personal electronics using only solar rays. Rather not fire up the genset? Then why not embrace the end of outlet dependency?

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By | Posted June 2009 | Add a Comment

Ask anyone who’s ever dropped their cellphone in the drink: Water and electronics do not mix. But before you’re forced to replace yet another waterlogged gizmo, take a gander at these splash-proof personal electronics. From a wireless MP3 player that works when totally submerged to a protective pack that’ll help keep your iPhone safe, we’ve got the goods on the newest waterproof technology. Why

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Upgrade Season

By | Posted May 2009 | Add a Comment

Summer is upon us, which means it’s finally time to get your boat ready to hit the water. (Hey, we can’t all live in Florida.) And while a full-scale refit might not be in the cards for you this year, there’s still plenty of new equipment available that you can add to improve your vessel. Whether it’s something as involved as replacing your old genset with a new one or as simple as adding a bilge

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Custom Expressions

By | Posted April 2009 | Add a Comment

There’s no denying that boaters are a passionate lot. You take great pride in your own-the-water lifestyle and there are few things you love as much as your vessel. Well good news, boating fans. There are heaps of personalized accessories out there, from monogrammed koozies to customized chart art, that’ll help you show off that intense nautical ardor and pride of ownership. Yours is a great

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Personal Maintenance

By | Posted March 2009 | Add a Comment

If you’re like most boat owners, you’re fanatical when it comes to maintaining your boat. There’s not a tool, tip, or technique that you won’t try. But bear this in mind: Your vessel’s not the only thing that takes a beating while you play. You do too. That’s why it pays to redirect a bit of that feverish devotion to all things maintenance and focus on keeping, well, you in mint condition. Here

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Montauk Calling

By | Posted February 2009 | Add a Comment

Beaches, history, and angling opportunities abound in Montauk.What famous fishing locale did The New York Times once describe thusly: “A better fishing ground cannot be found than off this bold, desolate promontory...Within a rifle shot of the lighthouse…is to be caught almost every fish that swims in the Northern Atlantic”? None

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