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by Michael Peters

International Relations Through Yacht Design

By Michael Peters | Posted May 2013 | Add a Comment

The strange and exciting travels of a yacht designer.

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Boat-Restoration Folly

By Michael Peters | Posted April 2013 | Add a Comment

Michael Peters knows he has a problem with old boats.

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Limo Tenders

By Michael Peters | Posted March 2013 | Add a Comment

Superyacht owners spawn the creation of special little boats. Michael Peters shares the appeal of thinking small.

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My Little Black Book

By Michael Peters | Posted March 2013 | Add a Comment

Michael Peters flips through his phone index, and his past in the boat business.

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Reality Bites

By Michael Peters | Posted January 2013 | Add a Comment

Michael Peters knows test tanks and mathematics eventually meet the real world of hulls and water.

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Boating Shapes a Way of Thinking

By Michael Peters | Posted December 2012 | Add a Comment

Michael Peters considers how his early boating adventures shaped his way of thinking.

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Whale Watching: Designing Boats for the Very Wealthy

By Michael Peters | Posted October 2012 | Add a Comment

The doomed process of chasing the immensely wealthy. It’s fall and with it comes the annual migration of whales along the coasts of places like Ft. Lauderdale and Monaco. Not to be confused with the blue and gray whales off California or the humpback and finback whales of New England, these whales are harder to spot and sometimes never really sighted by anyone. These are the Las Vegas species, those so large and all consuming that everything in their path falls over and plays dead for them.

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Star Architecture Is Born

By Michael Peters | Posted September 2012 | Add a Comment

Star architecture comes to the world of yacht design with eye opening results.

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Still Cruising After All These Years

By Michael Peters | Posted August 2012 | Add a Comment

Michael Peters reflects on friendship, boating, and one of his favorite—and oft-used—designs.

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