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by Michael Peters

Staying Safe While Doing Boat Maintenance

By Michael Peters | Posted February 2014 | Add a Comment

Maintaining your boat can be dangerous, but not always in the ways you think. Our columnist found this out the hard way when he discovered he was deathly allergic to a chemical that was in some paint he was using. Here he details his ordeal, and offers a word of advice to all do-it-yourself boat guys.

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Visual Perspective in Yacht Design

By Michael Peters | Posted February 2014 | Add a Comment

While we all can argue politics, economics, and religion from our cloistered points of view, one thing we can agree on is that we all know a beautiful woman when we see her. We don’t argue over this nor do we overanalyze the makeup of her beauty, we just accept it as we see it. But what if it was your job to understand the elements that make her universally attractive so they could be replicated?

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Yachts and Weight Gain

By Michael Peters | Posted January 2014 | Add a Comment

The trend over the past 20 years is beamier boats and these tubby forms by themselves are hard enough to push though the water, but compound the problem with today’s menu of “standards” and we now have genuinely overweight boats.

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Falling in Love with Boats

By Michael Peters | Posted November 2013 | Add a Comment

See where Michael Peters’s design portfolio got its start.

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America’s Cup: A Triumph of Yacht Design

By Michael Peters | Posted October 2013 | Add a Comment

If it floats and goes fast, there are few people better qualified to offer commentary in the world than Michael Peters, our Sightlines columnist. See what he has to say about the 2013 America's Cup in San Francisco here.

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The Snowden Solution

By Michael Peters | Posted August 2013 | Add a Comment

While Edward Snowden and his ilk give world powers all manner of headaches, Michael Peters may have solution: Send them to sea. See what he’s talking about here.

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Lost at Sea: Basic Seamanship

By Michael Peters | Posted July 2013 | Add a Comment

Yacht designer Michael Peters observed a limited sample of boaters in action. He didn’t like what he saw. At all. Read what he has to say on the subject here.

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Consider Your Boat’s Maintenance.

By Michael Peters | Posted June 2013 | Add a Comment

Spring has sprung and a lot of boating magazines have long since published their maintenance issues aimed at helping novices get their boats ready for summer. Well, I don’t think readers of Power & Motoryacht are novices, so I’ll assume most of you know this stuff. And if you are a bit like me, you didn’t really need another maintenance issue anyway, primarily because you simply have an issue with maintenance itself. Personally, I hate it... 

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International Relations Through Yacht Design

By Michael Peters | Posted May 2013 | Add a Comment

The strange and exciting travels of a yacht designer.

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Boat-Restoration Folly

By Michael Peters | Posted April 2013 | Add a Comment

Michael Peters knows he has a problem with old boats.

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