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by Michael Peters

Building Something Great the American Way

By Michael Peters | Posted February 2016 | Add a Comment

It’s good to remember where America’s strengths lay—our boatbuilding may not be as specific as that of some countries have. But Sightlines columnist Michael Peters shares his take on what our country does best.

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The Fountain of Youth

By Michael Peters | Posted January 2016 | Add a Comment

There’s nothing like a really fast boat. And the thrills they can bestow may just be the ticket to being young again. See what we mean here.

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Wacky Boat Technology

By Michael Peters | Posted November 2015 | Add a Comment

Is technology for technology’s sake worth it?  Necessity is the mother of all invention. Our columnist, world-renowned yacht designer Michael Peters, found out that that saying applies to boatbuilding in more ways than one.

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Creating Boats For Beauty’s Sake

By Michael Peters | Posted November 2015 | Add a Comment

Can a boat design approach the sublime? According to our Sightlines columnist, Michael Peters, that’s a distinct possibility. Read what he thinks about boat design and art here.

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A Trump Presidential Yacht

By Michael Peters | Posted October 2015 | Add a Comment

What message would a Trump presidential yacht send to the world?

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Michael Peters’ Design Shop is a No-Wake Zone.

By Michael Peters | Posted September 2015 | Add a Comment

Wakesurfing may challenge everything you thought was desirable in a boat.

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The Challenges of Starting a Boat Company

By Michael Peters | Posted July 2015 | Add a Comment

Just because a man was successful in a previous field of business doesn’t mean that he’ll be able to conquer the boat industry. But he’s probably going to have to learn that the hard way.

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Why Yacht Designs Need to be More than Art

By Michael Peters | Posted June 2015 | Add a Comment

After the high-tech sales pitch is done, all that’s left is hull and water. In his June Sightlines Michael Peters explains why yacht designs can be art, but they have to be more than that, too.

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Anchoring Problems

By Michael Peters | Posted April 2015 | Add a Comment

Michael Peters has an anchoring problem.  No moorings? No problem... But anchoring can present certain challenges, as the author discovered (twice) in Santa Catalina’s Little Harbor.

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Outboard Engines on Big Boats

By Michael Peters | Posted March 2015 | Add a Comment

It seems like more and more these days, big, burly outboards are becoming the standard. Michael Peters can’t believe how far the outboard has come. Can you?

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