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by Adam LaRosa

Tackle Tips

By Adam LaRosa | Posted March 2010 | Add a Comment

Dredge for SuccessTrolling your own school of fish can pay big dividends when targeting marlin.For many years, top billfish crews had a white marlin-raising, tournament-success secret: They used dredges. As many of you know, a dredge involves hanging dozens of hookless baits off multi-arm umbrella-shape rigs and trolling them. The secret’s out now, but, even so,

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Our Big Build

By Adam LaRosa | Posted March 2008 | Add a Comment

Rebel, a sistership to Canyon Runner. After the crew sea trialed her in eight-footers, running her at 30 knots, it was convinced this hull would be the right offshore platform.For years my crew and I researched making the move into a custom North Carolina sportfisherman—research that was a lot more hands-on than most. You

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This Ol' Boat

By Adam LaRosa | Posted September 2007 | Add a Comment

Late last winter, my crew and I were faced with a dilemma: sell our faithful 1987 48-foot Viking charter vessel, and be forced to purchase the best boat we could find, or refit her. Canyon Runner had more than 10,000 hours on her engines, and while they'd served the boat well, they were downright tired. But at the time the expense of a comparable vessel that could do 150 fishing trips a

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