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by Photos by Aime Coln


By Alyssa HaakPhotos by Aime Coln | Posted December 2011 | Add a Comment

CaryAli pursues Scandinavian vistas worthy of Odin himself. To begin preparing for a trip to Norway, I checked the weather (cool and rainy) and the charts (much farther north than I’d thought). But the most interesting part of my pretrip research was discovering that all the Scandinavian pop-culture references I could think of were Swedish.

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We cruise the Gulf Coast six years after hurricane Katrina

By Capt. Bill PikePhotos by Aime Coln | Posted September 2011 | Add a Comment

Starting a boat trip with a ride in a Dodge pickup is odd perhaps. But then, the tour it facilitated sorta set the tone for the rest of that sunny day this past April. Vice president of Trinity Yachts Billy Smith was at the helm of the Dodge.

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Cat Class

By Jeffrey MoserPhotos by Aime Coln | Posted October 2007 | Add a Comment

Here's one class where you wouldn't mind a homework assignment: learning to drive a power cat in the Caribbean.Autumn is a busy time for the Power & Motoryacht staff. Come mid-September, many of us embark on a multicity boat-show circuit that lasts until early November, bracketed by the usual plethora of boat tests. So it

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Island Odyssey

By Capt. Richard ThielPhotos by Aime Coln | Posted August 2007 | Add a Comment

PMY has had a different company boat every year since 1988—most christened Office Ours—and every year they get a little bigger and a little more luxurious. In 2005 we added a twist. Instead of having the boat delivered to us, we went to her—St. Augustine, Florida, where our Luhrs 41 was built. Taking that Office Ours to New York was not only a great cruising

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