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by Photos by Jim Raycroft

Triton 3300 submarine

By Capt. Bill PikePhotos by Jim R... | Posted February 2012 | Add a Comment

We dive the Bahamian depths onboard the newly launched three-person, yacht-friendly Triton 3300/3 submarine.

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Trinity 191 Carpe Diem

By Alyssa HaakPhotos by Jim R... | Posted November 2011 | Add a Comment

Photo by Jim Raycroft   Fairy-Tale Ending   Carpe Diem sails off to her happily ever after. Once upon a time, in a land called Gulfport…” began Capt. Ryan Butterwick as he described to me one of the final sea trials of Carpe Diem before she was handed over to her owners.  

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A megayacht adventure in the Bahamas' Exuma chain of islands

By Alyssa HaakPhotos by Jim R... | Posted August 2011 | Add a Comment

Truth in Advertising: It Is Better In The Bahamas.At the tail end of an endless northern winter, the catchy jingle of a well-timed Bahamian marketing campaign was stuck in my head. Advertising images of bright sun, white beaches...

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Lürssen's Polar Star

By Alyssa HaakPhotos by Jim R... | Posted July 2011 | Add a Comment

Seeing a yacht in a shipyard is like seeing a dolphin at Sea World—it’s not an entirely accurate representation of behavior in the wild. So when I heard that the 208-foot Polar Star had been released back into the wild after five

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JeMaSa - 164-foot Megayacht

By Alyssa HaakPhotos by Jim R... | Posted June 2011 | Add a Comment

There are no Jetways at the Antigua airport. As soon as the doors of my plane opened, I plunged directly into the warm Caribbean air. A man sang greetings, and a woman distributed plastic cups of chilled pink juice. And I wasn’t even through customs yet.

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Aboard Feadship's 152-foot Megayacht Audacia along the Cote d’Azur.

By Alyssa HaakPhotos by Jim R... | Posted December 2010 | Add a Comment

C’est MagnifiqueA Glimpse of the good life along the Cote d’ by Jim Raycroft There are many ways to leave the Monaco Yacht Show: by car, by train, by helicopter. But for the lucky few who have an invitation, there is only one way: by megayacht. Fortunately, I had one—to spend four days and

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Trinity 190, Mi Sueo

By Alyssa HaakPhotos by Jim R... | Posted November 2010 | Add a Comment

What Dreams May ComeTrinity’s latest launch has an elegant interior and new hull form.Mi Sueo was on her way to Boston from Fort Lauderdale when she stopped at Casey’s Marina in Newport, Rhode Island, home to other impressive yachts including the 125-foot Cheoy Lee Namoh and the 157-foot Christensen Nice N’ Easy (currently for

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Inside Job

By Kim KavinPhotos by Jim R... | Posted June 2007 | Add a Comment

Jim D'Agostino emigrated from Calabria, Italy, when he was just five years old. He grew up to become a bridge-building specialist in the U.S. Army and then an aircraft technician who tested jet engines for Pan Am. When the airline went belly-up in the late 1970's, D'Agostino tried his hand at real estate. His first investment was an undervalued gas station. He ended up owning several, along with

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