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by Photos by Billy Black

Megayacht Painting

By Alyssa HaakPhotos by Billy... | Posted February 2011 | Add a Comment

Reflections of PerfectionIt’s an incredible task to create a flawless yacht finish.First steps include making sure the surface of the boat is smooth, which is just as important as how the paint is applied.When a megayacht pulls into a marina, all eyes turn to her. Often her lines will spark comments

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Cakewalk from Derecktor shipyards

By Capt. Grant RafterPhotos by Billy... | Posted November 2009 | Add a Comment

America OvercomingThe biggest build from an American shipyard in 80 years represents more than just another new yacht.Photos by Billy BlackPiece by piece, the workers at Derecktor’s shipyard in Bridgeport, Connecticut put together what may turn out to be the most important vessel

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You or the Yard?

By Mike SmithPhotos by Billy... | Posted September 2008 | Add a Comment

When I was a kid, most boat owners I knew handled fitting-out and laying-up jobs themselves. Caulking and painting bottoms (boats were built of wood back then), winterizing engines and tuning them up in the spring, laying on a glassy coat of topsides paint—all were do-it-yourself jobs. Owners who hired yards to do such tasks were either deficient in manliness or too wealthy for their own

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Varnishes, Oils, and a Little Heresy

By Paul EsterlePhotos by Billy... | Posted April 2008 | Add a Comment

What finishing technique is best? These suggestions may surprise you.Ask any ten boaters how they protect the wood on their boats, and you'll get ten different answers, sometimes at length. There is no question that the deep, lustrous look of 12 coats of gloss varnish on a caprail epitomizes boating elegance, but living with that

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By Ben EllisonPhotos by Billy... | Posted August 2007 | Add a Comment

I can so easily gush about the cabinetry and carpentry coming out of Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding, but truthfully no amount of gush suffices. While some of the photographs here reveal the razor-tight joints, panel perfection, and carved and inlaid highlights that grace the company's projects, you have to tour a fleet of Lyman-Morse builds to realize the astonishing variety of styles and construction

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Boatbuilding, Downeast Style

By Mike SmithPhotos by Billy... | Posted April 2007 | Add a Comment

Mount Desert Island, Maine, lies Downeast—about 100 miles northeast of Portland as the seagull flies. A century ago, most islanders made their living from the sea: fishing, lobstering, skippering yachts for "rusticators" (summer visitors), maybe a little bit of all three. In the winter the watermen built boats to use themselves or to sell. Today the descendants of those rugged old-timers

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