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Peter Swanson

The Refit That Sparked Revolution

By | Posted August 2017 | Add a Comment

Peter Swanson investigates the history of a motoryacht that carried Castro and his comrades to the fight of their life.

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How to Navigate in Fog with Your Boat's Electronics

By | Posted January 2015 | Add a Comment

It used to be that if it was too foggy out, you simply didn’t use your boat. No longer. Developments in electronics have made it so boaters can navigate nimbly and safely through the thickest pea soup Mother Nature can whip up.

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Baja Cruising Adventure

By | Posted October 2014 | Add a Comment

Few places on Earth offer the scenic beauty and cruisable waters that you find on the coast of western Mexico, particularly in Baja. Come along with us as we show you how it’s done.

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The Down East Loop - Day 11

By | Posted September 2014 | Add a Comment

BoothBay Harbor to Boston took us three half-day passages thanks to clear skies, calm seas and the Cutwater’s comfortable low cruising speed of 12 to 15 knots. Before leaving Boothbay, Joanne and I ate breakfast with Allan Miller and Pam Burke. I knew Burke from Newburyport where she owned a beautiful wood schooner, named Heart’s Desire.

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Turn Your Smart Phone Into a Satellite Phone

By | Posted August 2014 | Add a Comment

Want to turn your smart phone into a satellite phone? For anybody who cruises in remote areas, staying in touch is as important as it is difficult. But when your cell service disappears, and your Wi-Fi blinks out, what can you do to stay connected to the rest of the world? We’ve got one gadget that might save the day. Find out about it here.

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The State of Paper Charts

By | Posted March 2014 | Add a Comment

Are paper charts a thing of the past? NOAA recently made news by saying that it would no longer be printing its own paper charts. But does that mean that the time of the paper chart is gone, and that they’ve been fully usurped by electronic charts? Read here to see what we think.

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The Vanishing Magenta Line on ICW Charts

By | Posted November 2013 | Add a Comment

If you’ve ever followed the magenta line down the ICW you know a little local knowledge will go a long way to keeping you out of trouble. But does that mean we’ll be better off without the line as NOAA is exploring the possibility of its demise? Read all about what could happen and what it may mean to you here.

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Globalstar Is Putting Satphones on the Spot

By | Posted September 2013 | Add a Comment

Globalstar just completed the launch of a new satellite constellation to serve boaters in North American and Caribbean waters. This means Inmarsat and Iridium may have stiffer competition for voice and data customers. What does it mean to you? Read on to learn more.

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Humminbird’s 360 Imaging

By | Posted June 2013 | Add a Comment

Electronics manufacturer Humminbird has long served the freshwater angling market and kept an eye on the big picture. And now they’ve developed a radar-like sonar system that could change the game for all boaters, saltwater and fresh. Learn more about this category-killing development here.

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Marine Tech Tablets

By | Posted April 2013 | Add a Comment

Is Your iPad the Future of Marine Electronics? Tablets are doing more and more on boats, interfacing with the helm and entertainment systems. Will there come a day when they will be the boat’s systems? We explore this question here.

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