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by illustrations by Scott Pollack

Share and Share Alike

By Capt. Ted Sputhillustrations b... | Posted January 2008 | Add a Comment

A ship is said to be in proper trim when she floats in the water "on an even keel"—that is, neither down by the bow nor by the stern. A person is said to be "on an even keel" when he is as steady and well-balanced in life and in work as the well-trimmed ship is in the water.A 32-year career in the yachting industry has given me an interesting

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Springtime Without Tears

By Mike Smithillustrations b... | Posted March 2007 | Add a Comment

Launch day means spring has finally arrived. Soon you’ll be out on the water again, and all will be right with the world. That’s the plan, anyway. But first make sure the old barge is up to snuff, that the boatyard did everything you asked, and that gremlins didn’t create springtime problems that weren’t there in the fall. Here are a few tips, along with suggestions for routine maintenance that

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