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by Christopher White

Tested: Foul-Weather Gear

By Christopher White | Posted July 2014 | Add a Comment

We rounded up a variety of foul-weather jackets from some well-known brands and tested them.  When the wind picks up and the clouds get dark, it’s time to pull on the foulies. But not all foul-weather wear is created equal. We took five different jackets and put them through our own rigorous test to find out which is the best for you—better yet, we got it all on video. Read (and watch) more here.

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Prestige 450 Flybridge

By Christopher White | Posted June 2014

Power & Motoryacht's Boat Test of the Prestige 450 Flybridge.  Prestige packed a whole lot of boat onto its new 450 Flybridge. And that was a fact that was not lost on our tester when he boarded this sporty, mid-size cruiser.

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Gerber Evo Multi-Tool

By Christopher White | Posted April 2014 | Add a Comment

When you’ve got to fix something onboard having the right tool at the right time is a huge help.

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Turks Head Bracelet

By Christopher White | Posted December 2013 | Add a Comment

Fresh Take on an Old Staple A Turks Head bracelet is a staple of nautical accessories, but there’s something about wearing one that says Hey look at me, I’m a 12-year old back from my first trip to the Cape! Well, not anymore...

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By Christopher White | Posted September 2013 | Add a Comment

If you’re looking for a new pair of water-friendly boat shoes that you can wear from the beach to the boat deck to the yacht club, look no further than a pair of SWIMS.

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Bremont “Victory” Limited Edition Watch

By Christopher White | Posted March 2013 | Add a Comment

Working in conjunction with The National Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth, England, Bremont will be producing a limited number of bespoke timepieces made with original pieces of oak timber and copper from Lord Nelson’s flagship, the HMS Victory.

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Cruisers 45 Cantius

By Christopher White | Posted October 2012 | Add a Comment

Power & Motoryacht's first look at the Cruisers 45 Cantius. Powered by twin 375-horsepower Volvo IPS500s the 45 Cantius is no slouch in the speed department, charging along at a company-estimated cruising speed of just over 24 knots, nearing 28 with the hammers down.

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Bertram 64

By Christopher White | Posted October 2012 | Add a Comment

Power & Motoryacht's first look at the Bertram 64. Bertram became one of the first names in fishing because of the speed and ride built into every hull. The new 64 promises to keep that heritage alive.

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