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by George Sass Jr.

Grand Banks Heritage 54 EU

By George Sass Jr. | Posted November 2012

Power & Motoryacht's Boat Test of the Grand Banks Heritage 54 EU. Efficiency: Check. Smart layout: Check. A boat worthy of her storied nameplate: Check. And yet, there’s more to the Grand Banks 54 than ticking the boxes. Editor-in-Chief George Sass Jr. takes a close look at what this build means for Grand Banks, and the direction and development of the trawler fleet in general.

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How To Anchor Like You Mean It

By George Sass Jr. | Posted November 2012 | Add a Comment

No matter how well designed an anchoring system is, if the basics are ignored, it won’t do you any good. Here are a few tips to help make your anchor stick.

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Maritimo M58

By George Sass Jr. | Posted October 2012

Power & Motoryacht's boat test of the Maritimo M58. Featuring review, boat plans, specifications and final boat test numbers. Bill Barry-Cotter embraced his no-nonsense boatbuilding roots when designing the new Maritimo M58. Turns out those are good roots.

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