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by Photos by Jeffery Salter

2011 Engines Review - Twin Disc

By Capt. Bill PikePhotos by Jeffe... | Posted June 2011 | Add a Comment

Master of ManeuverabilityTwin Disc’s new joystick-control system may give those pod drives a run for their money.Let’s begin this treatise on maneuverability on a historical note—or rather two of them. The first dates back to an enjoyable dinner I had with Bill Barry-Cotter in Australia several years ago. Barry-Cotter, of course, is

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Dinghy Replacement

By Capt. Bill PikePhotos by Jeffe... | Posted February 2011 | Add a Comment

Recently, I underwent a profoundly meaningful conversion experience and, like a whole passel of converts before me, I’m hot in the heels to share it with the world. The whole thing started several weeks ago when I felt the pain of being dinghy-less for the

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Back to Basics

By Capt. Grant RafterPhotos by Jeffe... | Posted October 2009 | Add a Comment

Fort Lauderdale's International Yacht Training offers a true hands-on dieselengine course with small class sizes.Instructor Hartley MacDonald lectures to his students during an in-class segment (the author is at right). The course is five days long.The Applied

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Spirit, Love, Truth

By Capt. Bill PikePhotos by Jeffe... | Posted February 2009 | Add a Comment

The store in the shopping center in West Palm Beach, Florida was exactly like Capt. Bart Miller had described it on the phone. A big black-and-gold sign over the door proclaimed: Black Bart Big Game Fishing. The floor inside was paved with scuffed, ambience-inducing dock planks. The walls were hung with

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Joy (Stick) Ride to Key West

By Capt. Bill PikePhotos by Jeffe... | Posted October 2008 | Add a Comment

The whole thing started with a simple, straightforward question. I was standing under a chandelier at a cocktail reception at the Atlanta Boat Show, with a glass of Perrier in one hand and a toothpick-skewered scallop in the other, when Tom Duncan, Sea Ray’s ad agency guy, eased alongside and asked, "So Bill, if you have room on one of the long boat trips you sometimes do for the magazine, could

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Magic Carpet Ride

By Capt. Bill PikePhotos by Jeffe... | Posted February 2007 | Add a Comment

Photographer Jeffery Salter and I were just finishing a superb dinner at Angler’s Restaurant in Marsh Harbor, smack dab in the middle of Abaco Beach Resort, when I hit our hosts with a little misguided humor. What the heck—you only go round once in life, right? Why not have a few laughs en route?“Lemme ask you guys a

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