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by Photos by Craig Wallace Dale

Compact Multitools

By Catherine PearsonPhotos by Craig... | Posted October 2009 | Add a Comment

Whether you’re tackling a serious upgrade or just doing some daily maintenance, you need to start with a solid set of tools. And no toolbox is complete without a multitool—that space-saving gizmo that combines several devices in one. From survival-focused models to fishing-friendly ones, there are a number of multis on the market that’ll help you complete that task du

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Does Your Boat Pass the Test?

By Mike SmithPhotos by Craig... | Posted March 2007 | Add a Comment

Does your boat have an NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association) certification plate near the helm or the “NMMA Certified” logo on the capacity plate? If it does, did you ever wonder exactly what it means? I did, and being a longtime cynic, I supposed the plate didn’t mean much: Either the NMMA relied on the builder to attest to

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Diesel 101

By Jeffrey MoserPhotos by Craig... | Posted December 2006 | Add a Comment

The author (left) and another student get a torque-wrench tutorial from instructor Larry Berlin (right).A friend of mine who I considered to be a knowledgeable, experienced boater recently made a remark in passing that startled me: "The most important tool in my toolbox is my checkbook." He was serious. Every time he noticed a

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Magnetizing Your Diesel Fuel

By Mike SmithPhotos by Craig... | Posted December 2006 | Add a Comment

Near the end of the 2005 boating season, Richard Thiel, PMY's editor in chief, was in trouble. Just a few hours before he was about to fly to Italy, fuel problems had strangled his boat Ava T. in the middle of Long Island Sound. Since the fear of missing an expense-account junket to Europe haunts every member of the boating press, Thiel, an expert mechanic before moving to an

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