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by Alan Harper

CRN’s Dislopen Concept

By Alan Harper | Posted October 2011 | Add a Comment

Rendering courtesy of CRNCRN says it looked at everything from the big, fast Mangustas to the dreamy Wally Island concept and came up with something roughly in between. Its Dislopen design, launched in July in London, looks like the improbable outcome of a marriage between a lightweight, aluminum express cruiser and a heavy steel

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The history of the iconic boatbuilder Hinckley

By Alan Harper | Posted May 2011 | Add a Comment

On Even KeelThe estimable Hinckley yard has a new boat with a classic look, new orders, and a plan for prosperity.Photos Courtesy of The Hinckley CompanyThe Mark III Picnic Boat launched in 2008.In September 2009, The New York Times reported that David Rockefeller Sr.,

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Moonen 97

By Alan Harper | Posted February 2011 | Add a Comment

Small WonderMoonen’s 97 was made to cross the same oceans as expedition yachts.Moonen 97, LiviaMoonen is a shipyard that seems to be going places. With a recently arrived new owner, some new investment, and a brand-new shipyard, the Dutch yachtbuilder is also moving into new markets and

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Sunseeker 40 Meter

By Alan Harper | Posted February 2011 | Add a Comment

Heir to the QueenSunseeker’s 40 Meter outdoes her 37-meter sistership in every way that counts.Sunseeker has grown in the last 40 years or so into one of the strongest global brands in boatbuilding, but as a company it remains proud of its British roots. That means, whenever possible, new models are launched at one of the shipyard’s

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Blue Belle

By Alan Harper | Posted July 2009 | Add a Comment

Room for 12 guests, 32 crew, and two 20-plus-foot sportboats.No, your eyes do not deceive you: This yacht’s hull is blue. Not just any blue, but baby blue—perhaps the babiest blue ever applied to that ultimate symbol of technological machismo, the megayacht.That something so apparently insignificant as hull color can, in

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Third Time’s the Charm

By Alan Harper | Posted October 2008 | Add a Comment

If you’re familiar with Monaco, you’ll also be familiar-unless you’re very rich or very lucky-with the neck ache you get from looking up at those enormous motoryachts. Last time I was in town, I got lucky: I was looking down. Lrssen's Martha AnnOn one side there was Mohammed Al-Fayed’s 208-foot Sokar. Beyond her was Wedge

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Rough Road, Smooth Ride

By Alan Harper | Posted April 2008 | Add a Comment

My notebook was almost full. Cannes does that. Not being in films, I hardly ever visit the town except at boat-show time, in September. In the last few years, the show has gotten bigger, more international, and more important than ever. Boatyards from all over Europe are increasingly seeing it as the crucial launch platform for new models. For a photojournalist like me, that means bouts of

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Master Class

By Alan Harper | Posted January 2008 | Add a Comment

Peter de Savary is a larger-than-life entrepreneur with a cigar to match. Well-known in his native UK, even after all these years, as the man behind his 1983 America's Cup challenge—the plucky Brits lost but put up a good fight, which to the British psyche is better than winning—he is a yachtsman through and through.Globe

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S Is for Spectacular

By Alan Harper | Posted October 2007 | Add a Comment

When you pack your bag for a trip to Dubai, it's just as well to include, along with your sunglasses, passport, and gold credit card, some suspension of disbelief. Nothing quite prepares you for the place that a generation ago was little more than a few mud-brick dwellings and some concrete warehouses lining the now-famous dhow-packed creek.Today it is one

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Slippery When Wet

By Alan Harper | Posted July 2007 | Add a Comment

If you've ever seen anything like this before, you've probably been doing something you shouldn't: either snooping round a couple of select UK shipyards or attracting the attention of British special forces.But this one isn't secret. It's the first motoryacht built using "very slender vessel" (hence her VSV designation) wave-piercing principles and a patented hull shape drawn by naval

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